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Marissa 18 Eco Build ~ PHOTOS~


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Hi all,


I'm in the process of building my Marissa.  I went to Graham's shop in July and picked up the kit.  His operation is very impressive.  He's building a huge power cat and I have no idea how he plans to get it to the water.


My 'small' project has been going pretty good, I think.  Over the Labor Day weekend, I attached the first of the 2 bottom panels.  Graham has been very helpful when I had questions but so far, there hasn't been too much that wasn't made clear by the plans and the photos supplied.  At first, I thought I would need a step-by-step instruction book but as I study the photos and plans, I'm starting to think an instruction book would have been less helpful.  The photos that are sent when you buy the plans were chosen very carefully and are very helpful.  As the B & B website mentions, this is not an introduction to boatbuilding type project.  This is the first boat that I have built but I have quite a bit of woodworking experience.


As of today, I have about $6000 invested in the project.  That includes everything that I have purchased (all the wood, extra sheets of marine ply, all the glass and epoxy, etc.) including a few special tools and some hardware that I want to accommodate during the build.  I suspect I'll have $10K into it by the time it's ready for the motor and trailer.  By the time I'm on the water, $20k is what I'm thinking (50 hp Honda, galvanized trailer, hydraulic steering, etc.).  That's not including electronics and other 'options'.  I guess if you don't like making things with your own hands, you could spend another $10K and get a new fiberglass setup.  I like the idea that, although there will be other Marissas out there, this one will be unique and I'll know every inch of her.  When someone at the boat ramp asks, I can say 'I built her.'  I like that.


I can tell you this much.  I'm very glad that I bought the kit instead of trying to cut the wood myself.  It's not a shortage of tools in my shop but just the sheer number of parts (some quite large) that would make the prospect of cutting them seem daunting.  The other upside to the kit is that all the parts fit... the first time.  There's no scarfing necessary as the CNC machine has already taken care of all that.


So, I'll post from time to time with more pictures.  I'm not in a rush to complete this project so the pictures may be a little slow coming.










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Congratulations on choosing a very fine motorboat.  I launched my Marissa in Nov 2013 and have been enjoying her very much.  I agree with just about everything you said, including the total cost of about 20K.  I ended up putting a 60HP Yamaha on my 'Salty' and I think on hindsight the 40HP  would be adequate. I definitely wanted fuel injection so had to go for bigger than the 25HP.  Even though I consider myself a sailor, I followed the typical motorboater mentality and went for the largest HP Graham said I could put on her and of course the dealer made the 60 seem like it cost less than the 50.  She really flies.  However, with the higher horsepower I can always run at lower throttle settings if I want to.  One thing you mentioned was hydraulic steering.  I have it, but really wonder if it is worth it or not.  You might try to test other lower cost systems to see if you like them.  I did it on the advice of a neighbor who is used to big inboards and said I had to have it. 


Keep the photos coming.


Bring your questions to this forum.  I will be happy to help if I can.



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Thanks Dale. 


The main reason I was thinking of hydraulic steering was from what Graham said about the steering rod impinging on the port side of the motorwell.  He said I'd need to cut into that side to allow for clearance and I'm trying to avoid that.  If you didn't run into problems with that, could you tell me what brand/model of steering system you went with?  If you had to cut into the motorwell, could you post a picture of what that would look like?




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Thanks Dale!  You did a great job on Salty.  Now I can see what Graham was talking about - that there isn't very much clearance in the motorwell.


Thanks for painting it the same color I was thinking of :).  Your pictures have helped me make two decisions: I will be using hydraulic steering and I will paint it the same color you used.  Could you give me some information about the paint you used (brand, type, color, application)?


Also, I wanted to mention a tool that I've been using with great results to anyone who doesn't know about them.  I read about Shinto saw rasps somewhere - maybe on this forum - so I bought a couple from Woodcraft (the 9" and 10" planer versions).  I can now vouch for their awesomeness.  Any time I have a misplaced glob of epoxy I go for the rasps.  They work better than a regular rasp because they don't get clogged. 


Thanks again Dale!!



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All paint was AwlGrip.

Moon Dust - cockpit & deck

Matterhorn White - cockpit & deck

Whisper Grey - bottom and interior cockpit

Fighting Lady Yellow topsides

Sunfast Red - Bootstripe















More information for you on stuff I used.


Teleflex HK4200 Hydraulic Bays

GAR-19513 Garelick Compact 2 Step Stainless Steel Transom Ladder


Hope this helps,


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Hi all,


I am new to this forum and also in the process of building the Marissa . I am so glad to see others shearing their experience  . 


Very nice work Mike T, and well done to Dale for 'Sality'


I have bought only the plans , the rest is all fabricated in my workshop . The plans are very detailed and all that photos Graham send me are very helpful . Also Graham is always very  available by emails. I really have to thank him for his extra help !!


I only going to use this boat in open waters as we here have no rivers here in Malta Europe  so I definitely will put the largest motor Graham suggested . I was thinking of a suzuki df60 , but still a long way for the motor !!


Here are some photos of my project













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Thank you Mike for posting your project and Dale and Lotus for your input. Your Salty is beautiful Dale and an inspiration for me to keep plugging away. I have just finished a second cost of paint on the bottom of my Marissa (not from kit) and ready to turn over soon and start inside. Unfortunately winter will soon put an end to my work this year. I'm curious Dale what really flying means and what performance is with that

engine, such as speed at WOT and ride and stability as I am debating hp choice myself right now. I'm not at all a speed freak but just curious. It will be nice following your builds Mike and Lotus and I will post

some pics of mine as well soon.


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Thanks Dale and Lotus! 


Great job Lotus!  Are you planning on flipping the boat over again to fiberglass the bottom?


My latest challenge is the inwale members.  The bend/twist from bulkhead 1 to the stem should be fun.  I'm planning on laminating two 1 1/2" x 3/8" strips as Graham did but it still looks like a bear.  Graham gave me some suggestions yesterday but I predict a lot of sweat and swearing before it's done.


I have a few more pics to share:






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Thanks Mike,


You are doing a great job too !.


Yes I will flip the boat again for fiberglass. Ive decided to finish all the wood work before fiberglass as I am planning to do some alterations at the transom and also on the deck . In the Mediterranean we like boats to sit higher on the water, ie increasing the freeboard and the deck will be higher from the water.


Regards the inwale  I used two 1 1/2 x 3/8 strips  as you planed . The only difference is that I fitted them after I have covered the sides with plywood. This was not Graham's idea as we talked about this issue and he told me that the inwale have to be be fitted before sheathing  .


I found out that the way I planed  is much more easy as you will find that the side plywood will guide  how much you bend or starch the inwales and will line perfectly with the plywood with no gaps left !


I fixed in place the first strip with screws , screwed in from the plywood side than fixed the second strip with clamps, clamping both strips and plywood side together.


It was much more easyer than I have imagined !


Good luck Mike .

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 Even though I consider myself a sailor, I followed the typical motorboater mentality and went for the largest HP Graham said I could put on her and of course the dealer made the 60 seem like it cost less than the 50.  She really flies. 


Hi Dale ,


I am planning to put a Suzuki df 60 on mine , have you ever clocked you boat with a gps ? I am very curious what speeds will get with 60hp !!


You have built a very nice boat with a  beautiful colour scheme ! Great .

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I thought I might add a note to this, I have a Yamaha 40 on my Marissa, I can get about 28mph with 2 aboard and full of fuel. I find that is fast enough for me, I rarely go that fast. It's fine on smooth water at that speed, but can pound when water is rough. I have regular Teleflex steering, works very good and considerly less costly to install. Just my opinon. You build really looks good.

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Thanks for your ideas Lotus.  Dale, your input would be welcome here to as well as anyone else who might want to chime in.


Did you permanently attach the sides while working on the inwales or just use them as a guide until you had the inwales attached?  Do you happen to have any pictures of that process?


Also, I'm thinking of how I will flip the boat over.  I don't have any heavy equipment or dozens of friends I'd be willing to ask for help.  I've been thinking of lifting it from the ceiling using lines, pulleys and spreaders and rolling it in mid-air (using lines to keep it under control).  I've lifted cast iron V8 engines from the ceiling so I think it would be okay.   How did you flip yours?  Do you have any photos?


Thanks again for your help!



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The sides were permanently attached to place before the inwale. Sorry think have no photos of this process. I have a tread in this forum named


Marissa (eco 18) went to Europe !! photos of build


were I am uploading some photos of my build and also some alterations I am making to Marissa. Might you get some ideas too !!


Dont worry about flippin over the boat . I flept mine with no equipment, just the help of 2 other friends.


What I did first was to reinforce the left side to the righi side by fixing some planks from the left inwale to the right inwale. I made 3 of them.

Than lower the boat compleatley  to the ground.

From the middle of one side grab the  boat from the inwale and lift it as high as you can until she is on her side . 

The other 2 friends will be on the other side of the boat ( facing you ) ready to keep the boat from overturning .

When they have a good grip they will continue lowering the boat on there sides.  And the story is over !!


The boat is very light at this stage so you need no heavy equipment .


Would like to come and help you but think its impossible  ;)


Good luck Mike 

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Thank you Russell.   I have been using your pictures as a guide and really admire your boat and skills.  In fact, it was the photos of your boat that nudged me over the line on my decision to build the Marrissa. 


I think 28 mph would be good.  I was concerned about getting over the hump with a smaller motor and possibly three adults on board but it sounds like a 40 should do that with no problem. 


Russell, did you have to make any accommodations for the steering arm on the teleflex system?  Graham said something about having to create a cut-out on the port side of the motorwell or else the steering arm would crash into it when turning full right.  I may have misunderstood him though.  If you have a picture of your motorwell, please post it :unsure:




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