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I agree with PAR on almost everything.


However, I would add.  If you do not have enough natural light you can purchase natural sunlight type lights.  It is amazing to me how different the light is.  To me, it does closely represent natural light.  I have the workshop section with these over head lights and like them.



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I recently visited a friends shop and he has used transparent panels instead of steel or aluminum panels on his overhead doors....talk about lots of natural light in the evening as they face west.....if it weren't for snoopy neighbors or would be thieves this would be ideal!

Currently have an interested party for my families first house we have been stuck with since the housing bubble burst, if that house sells it will be full speed ahead on the shop!

Have changed direction on heat source. Am now going with a pellet stove, and will try a few solar heaters of my own design at a later date. Also have acquired a large window type heat pump that will be great for keeping humidity somewhat stable at crucial times of the year and knock the edge of during the hottest part of the summer.

Have also re read this thread and will start looking really hard at lighting.

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