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Outer Banks 24 Questions from a newbie.

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Hello Everyone,


I have been into wooden boats and boat building for a long time. I think it's an art, and a great way to create something an then enjoy it. I always admire you guys and gals who can build a boat from scratch. Its a true talent. I am entertaining the idea of doing an Outer Banks 24 from B&B and I have a few questions. These are from a newbie, so please excuse my questions if they come across as dumb or ignorant.


My first question is, how many sheets of plywood do the plans for the OB24 require? Just trying to get a rough estimate as to how much this might cost. Second question: Does anyone have any pictures of the OB24, completed with the closed pilothouse? I really like the look of this boat, and the one thing that sold me was the enclosed pilothouse. (I am a boat/ship fanatic) I have seen some post on this forum that were about the OB20 and it looked like a really nice boat! I was just wondering if anyone has completed the OB24 and had some pictures that they wanted to share. 


Once again, thanks for taking the time to read this, and I am apologize for soundin like an amateur. Any information would be greatly appreciated. 




Bob Haworth

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Call Carla or email her (if she is back to work) and ask for the bill of materials lists. She will send it along with a material unit price list. She sent me the same. She can also quote you on the CNC kit.

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Bob- I don't think there is a completed OB24 yet.  Here is a link to Russell's OB24 which will have a differnet cabin then the original design.

Around a year ago I had the same inquiry as you and long story short am building an OB26.  Graham and Alan are still putting the finishing touchs on the plan set. Below is a link to my build.  Should be flipping it over pretty soon. Mine will have a slightly longer trunk cabin and a recessed anchor well in the bow. I will update this page soon with recent progress.




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