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The tools I used. Yes, a picture!

Action Tiger

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During my lull in finishing my boat, I thought I would post a photo of what I used to build my frame.

Everything is there but my pocket knife, which is in my pocket, where it belongs.

Mind you, that plane, pull saw, "mallet" and square are 25 years old... mine the whole time!

No, that is not the rip fence on the circle saw, just a photo prop.


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This post makes me feel weird.

I'm not bragging, or recommending. My intention was to remove the workshop barrier from anyone's mind.

My motive was to share my experience and encourage others.

All this posting makes me feel like a blabber mouth know it all. Smiley face thing.

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Interesting photo AT, I had never seen a pullsaw 25 years ago.


Tell us about the block plane - it reminds me of mine which I found in a second hand shop a few years back. It's older than me but is one of my favourite, most used tools.

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Looks like a stanley no. 78 low angle block plane. I wish I had bought mine on eBay like my other planes. My new one (sweetheart version) cost about $75 a year ago from Home Depot . I spent three hours working with it yesterday :)

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I have used Japanese saws for so long, I bet I couldn't set and file properly anymore.

Yep, a Stanley. It can do anything.

My favorite is actually the mallet I made on the spot one day. It is the perfect weight for driving 1/4 mortising chisel. Everyone kept trying to throw it away, so I burned my maker's mark in it and wrote hammer on it with sharpie...

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