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Weekender keel question.


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I did a dry fit of my keel boards tonight before I glue them up. And I'm confused...the plans state that from the stern blocks to the stem keel joint is 154 3/8".... It shows the point of measurement at the stern but not the other end..so I must be measuring the wrong two points..I come up with only approx 151"! Panicking a bit....my stem is 1" past the first station mark like it supposed to be and my keel should be exact as well..I followed all the measurements . Other builders run into this?

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I don't recall if the measurement is taken with the deadwood in place or not. I think it should include the deadwood, which you probably haven't placed yet. The deadwood moves the measuring point up on the stem enough to make it another 3+ inches in length overall.


The plans are with my Weekender at a nephew's house, but that's what I recall. My original website on making my Weekender is up at http://www.frankhagan.com/weekender/ and I've got some information there (warning: very ugly, 1990's era site that was hand coded. I knew it was ugly then, and its even uglier now).

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Another Weekender Keel Question


Hello out there I'm new to the forum so here's my problem. Every time I trailer my boat I scrape the keel. It's starting to get pretty shabby under there. I have painted multiple times but I still get gouges in the wood. Any sages out there with a solution. I have pondered a keel keeper like you put on a bass boat but I am not there yet. Thanks 

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You'll need a "shoe", yep a keel shoe and they typically can be metal or plastic, with each having good and bad things to consider. The shoe is a fairly thick length of flat stock (of whatever material), bent around the bottom of the keel. It's bedded in polyurethane or polysulfide (my preference) and lightly screwed to the keel. This takes the abuse and is considered sacrificial in nature, getting replaced when sufficiently embarrassing enough to warrant it. Something as simple as a metal "half oval" will do, but a Weekender's keel is wide, so you'll want a bigger hunk of whatever.

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