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CS17 #370 Peggy-O

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Deck and accessories varnished, hull repainted. Have 8 days to install rubrails, add appendages, hardware, bailer, rigging and do inspection, registration, trailer set up etc.

Question: if you stare at paint will it dry faster? :)


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David- First, go Sox, Second, looking forward to sitting in boat as you mentioned, on seat frames. I have downloaded onto iPhone the rap song "I'm in a boat". Kind of crude song but relevant an

I have not seen the CS plans, so assumed they were thinner foils in the 0008 range. If they are mostly slab sided, with rounded leading edge, then by all means, stick with the plans, which when you th

As has been hinted at, the best thing you can focus on with your appendages are making them smooth and symmetrical.

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Good news- bad news!

Made great progress with rubrails and appendages and bailer and confident of readiness for next Fri.

However, called Fish and Wildlife to get inspection in order to get registered. Had been told two weeks ago that inspection only takes a few days, and to be water ready when they get there. Got it but asked today how long it takes......60 days I am told to process after inspection. What??? You have got to be kidding! I didn't say that but it seems that is the deal and was warned to not splash an unregistered boat. What a horror show.

Anyone have any workarounds? Paul is this all consistent with your experience? Alan - is the gentleman who bought the CS15 on the forum? If not could you remind me of his contact info? I know he was heading to FL after mess-about. Dale- your experience?


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For my last boat, the CS-20 Mk-2, I mailed in my application for a home made boat number and had it back in about a week. I was never told that I needed any kind of inspection at all. I have NEVER had any kind of inspection on a home built boat. I used to build production boats and took the prototype to a test facility to be inspected. This included static tank testing for flotation requirements. But even that was voluntary, and wasn't a requirement before building and issuing the HIN numbers for the boats. Of course if a boat was pulled in for inspection later and failed, I'd have had to issue a recall for all similar boats.


On a sail boat, what is there to be inspected anyway other than running lights?

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cs 17 280


finished mine in palm beach gardens fl

once fish and wildlife commission  gives you a copy of their inspection report you can immediately go to county tax office and get registration


the 60 days is incorrect as long as you have a copy of the fish and wildlife report


i waited 3 weeks and just went in with the cert and got registration


use the letter that came with your plans from B & B that tells you how to develop the hun id number

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In MA, I have not had issues with boats that I built.  Older hulls that had not modern Hull ID, yes.  Process here is to contact Enivronmental Police and they will either send an officer to your residence, or ask you to trailer the boat to their office to meet with an officer who will inspect that boat to ensure it is not a stolen vessel and is as described on the form you fill out.  They then affix a sticky label with the hull # to the transom and inside the hull in an inside location which is then noted on the form.  It has taken me a week or two to make the appointment with Environmental Police.  


Then, the fun begins...This completed form with the hull ID # on it is taken to the department of revenue who will ask to see the receipts for the materials you purchased.  Out of state purchases will be taxed and the current state sales tax rate.  They issue a receipt that the taxes are paid, and then off to the of Recreational Vehicles who will assign the State Hull ID which is then affixed port and starboard bow.  


Three steps.  The whole idea is to ensure the boat is not stolen, trackable if it is stolen or used for nefarious purposes, and that the government has received it's share or revenue.  I try to buy local when possible, but this is not always economically feasible.  


Good luck.  

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Two people at office of Fish and Wildlife suggested on phone that this was a safety inspection so make sure you are water ready and are meeting all the requirements for safety (lights, flotation devices, noisemakers) when you call for inspection appointment, which I did Friday. Spoke to a nice gentleman yesterday who is the inspector and he is coming to do his inspection Tuesday. He informed me that this is not a safety inspection nor seaworthiness issue but rather a title discovery and proof of ownership process. I need to supply all receipts, photos of build process, bill of sale from manufacturer of kit etc. Certainly the id info Graham sent with the hull # etc will be important. Basically I am building a case to prove that I built the boat so they can issue me a title. With the certificate of inspection I can get the boat registered. He is asked by his organization to inform people this aspect of the process (getting the certificate) takes up to 10 weeks. The variable is the case you've built and the documentation that you supply. The shame of it is might have gotten started on this 6-7 weeks ago had I known the actual process. The inspector cares that I in fact own the boat, not that it has 10 coats of varnish, 4 fresh coats of paint on the cockpit or 2 on the hull , rubrails or other issues that consumed me the last two months.

I recommend to others that you find out the detail well in advance of the process, and find it out from the inspector. You'll save some time.

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Registering a Boat is different in each state. I have heard that Florida is one of the more difficult ones. They are trying to stop boat theft. It would be fairly easy to make some modifications and say that you built it. Fortunately there is a pretty good record of your build right here.

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In RI if it is under 19' and uses no engine it does not even need to be registered.  I don't have to tell anyone I even built or have a boat.  I will probably tell my home owners insurance company so that I can assure I am covered for liability.  There was more than just the beauty of the design that attracted me to the Lapwing.

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My experience:  I called the Fish & Wildlife. They came to my home. Looked at boat took photos.  I showed him a few construction photos on my computer.  Cannot remember if I gave him copies of construction photos but know I offered them.  He looked at my original kit purchase invoice.  I showed him a few other major purchases. The motor in the case of my Marissa 'Salty'.  That was it.  He gave me the certificate I went to the State title office and got the necessary decals and I think a temporary title then I launched. Actually, before I launched I got the appropriate registration numbers from decal and mounted them on the boat.  Basically, no problems the officer was very nice and told me to be safe.


This is the way both my registrations for 'Salty' and CS17 'Lively' went.



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Thank you Dale! My inspector (nice guy) moved the inspection to yesterday at the boat shop and after exchange of much paperwork,photos, emails, sawdust breathing and discussion he indicated all would be fine and I should get title in 10 weeks. Pleasant visit and then I pushed hard on his process because of your outcome Dale (no names used) He showed me his training presentation

( he was a newbie) and after a call to his boss decided to call it a home made vessel ( versus what I can't tell you) and he drove the certificate to my house last night after his boss signed off. I should be able to get title and registration in next day, and the boat splashed in next week. Yahoo. Plan to sail with Bill to Cayo Costa. I just came off a four day golf tournament and we have grandchild this weekend and I don't see me comfortably finishing the yacht in next three days.

Yahoo yahoo yahoo


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Boat looks AMAZING and you are much more patient than I.

I had two separate completion lists: 1. Things to do to complete boat 2. Things to do to get boat on water safely.

My List #1 will take YEARS to complete if ever.

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Thanks Matt. Losing the patience frankly in this last week.

Can somebody share a photo of a CS17 forward deck with the hardware under the mast for a mast with a sail track? I cannot reconcile my plans with the photos I have and hoping to install rigging hardware in next two days. My plans show three lines with three eye straps up by the mast and two blocks but I am not picturing the alignment of that stuff.

Here is a photo from CD that came with plans but it is for a different set up .

Thank you!



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I'll try to help but hope I don't confuse you.

On my boat I have permanent reefing lines - this includes a downhaul to the reef point on the luff.

In the photos below you will see 4 lines led aft to cleats from blocks at the base of the mainmast. The one at the front of the mast (white/ red fleck) is the snotter...led all the way back to the aft cockpit.

The one aft of the mast on the port side is a double standup block for the downhaul and reefing line...with just a downhaul to the tack this only needs to be a single block... blue line led aft to the cockpit.

The one aft of the mast to starboard is the main halyard(yellow)...led aft to the forward cockpit which is where I reef the main. Ignore the black/red fleck line which is a reefing line.




Peter HK

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