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A mahogany windshield for my White skiff


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An unfortunate accident ripped the windshield off my 18' White skiff.  The po tried towing it with its full cover in place and the wind's pull yanked the whole windshield off.  I have the hardware and one of the triangular side window frames.  The original windshield had two side frames and three front facing frames.  The middlle front facing frame was narrow and opened up with a hinge at its top.


I have the mahogany I need.  I have the side window frame to see how the triangular frame is joined.  It also gives me the profile of the shape of the grooves that held the glass and the vinyl molding.  The "footprint" is still on the deck.


I want to build a replacement that is as close to the original as possible.  I may just take it to a shop that restores Lymans and have them do it.  I like working with wood, too and perhaps with some good advice I can reproduce it.


It strikes me that the sequence of steps is critical.  The triangular frame is tightly fitted.  The inside edges are smoothly shaped and the groove is continuous all the way around.


I expect to start by cutting the three pieces that make up the frame with angles I take from the original piece.  Step 2- joim the three pieces to make a rigid triangular frame.  Biscuts I expect and W.E.S.T..  It looks like I will want to wait to finish the sizing and shape the interior edge until the frame is together?  Tips on doing this will be helpful?  Then using a shaper cut the profile for the glass and the vinyl?


I have never done a piece like this.  The rest of the windshield is roughly rectangles.  Getting the two triangular side wndow frames right probably would benefit from experience.


Does anyone have suggestions?


I will have to Use a shop at the high school to do the shaping.  I do not have a shaper. 


The estimate I have from a reputable shop is $350.00 per panel wo glass or finish  It is a 5 panel windshield.  It will get restored one way or another.  I have the hardware thet the old windshield used including the w wiper motor.  It is a beautiful boat. 





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I've restored a few Whites previously and I've always admired the way they where built. The windscreen assembly is a fairly complex set of angles and mill work. I don't have drawings for you to work from, but anyone that's worked with Whites previously will know how they do it. $2,500 for a windscreen assembly seems high, until you look at the joinery involved. Personally, I'd have issue with this amount, but I can see where someone less familiar with this type of work could find it appealing. You don't need a shaper, unless you're willing to make some custom cutters. It's straight up mill work, most can be done on a table saw, with a router and plane at the ready as well. The rolling bevels on the deck will be challenging, but not much unlike a carvel seam or a chine log with a lot of twist.


Make up some dummy pieces and check for fit, then mill the "good stuff" once you've got it down.

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