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Snags on skin and pucker


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I have stapled in the skin on the cockpit of the mess about.  I could only find flat end staples for my staple gun (in stainless).  The staples have caused some pulls in the fabric as shown in the pictures.  Do I need to worry about these, other than than appearance will they be an issue?  Will they get better or worse when I shrink?  I thought of pulling some staples and trying to smooth them out, but don't want to make matters worse.  Also, you will see in the pictures the puckers around the corner.  Is there a way to smooth this better or will the shrinking smooth it enough?


I still getting the hang of the sewing, but I think next time I may try nylon as I am struggling with the loose weave on the original poly.  Getting it tight enough with no pull holes is a real art.  






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As for the pulls, that is always a problem with staples. Chisel point stainless should stop this but I can't find any either. They must be out there.


I expect a little puckering but that seems a bit much in the corner. Experience is a great teacher and there is nothing wrong with redoing a section. I have done it many times. It is really hard to tell but it appears the sides need to be pulled tighter both forward and sideways and then be stapled. Of course a lot of that will shrink out but the more I see the more I advocate getting it as tight as you can to start with.


When sewing the skin and you are getting large pull holes, that means your stitches are 'pulling' the two pieces of fabric together. You want to pull and hold the fabric together with your fingers. Then push the needle through both faces of the fabric while they are touching. If there is a gap in the fabric, when you pull the thread tight you will get a pull hole. I cover this in my video but it is hard to show exactly what I am doing. But if you are getting largish pull holes, I am 95% certain that is the issue.

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Thanks for the response.  I was thinking of redoing the corner, but was concerned about more snags if I restaple.


On the pull holes, I guess my big question is how big is too big.  It seems most of mine are on part with what I see in your video, but it is hard to tell.  Is there some good closeups of a 'good' pull hole and a 'bad' one which is too big?

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