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core sound dodger

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Goto www.sailrite.com and look at the dodger kits, this will give you an idea.


My guess without knowing how big you are making your bows are 6 yards of 46" fabric. Much depends on how wide the fabric is, if you are putting in vinyl, etc. Usually we stitch the vinyl window right onto the canvas then carefully cut the canvas off front of window, for some simple dodgers we just make borders and save fabric. A lot depends upon what you are doing.


I recommend using CoastGuard Fabric by Glenn Raven who also makes Sunbrella. Coastguard is slightly stiffer and half once heaver, and wears a lot better. Sunbrella was intended for awning not on boats and wears holes more easily. The two fabrics are interchangeable for pattern and colors. A better fabric if you can afford it is Seamark, it is sunbrella coated with vinyl on the backside, and keeps everything on a small boat much drier. Use sew on bolt rope, and with plastic channel can be bend to match curves on front, yet keep water from splashing between (or just use snaps) deck and fabric.


Make sure you spend the extra for the better ourdoor thread, its money well spent. For you guys in the PI purchase the UV 303, it will keep your thread from rotting if you use cheaper thread, and add years the life of the fabric or windows.

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Thanks Edward, 6 yards, that's a good start. I'm looking at 60" wide fabric, would I need less?.  Surlast brand (it's all I can afford), looked at sunbrbella and seamark but prices are outrageous in this part of the world. My cs 17 has the curving forward coaming, so the bows will be that size. here's quick badly drawn mockup of what I was looking at doing.


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