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Took my freebee 14 out for the first time today

Pat Mellema

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I went out and went about 5 1/2 miles out against the wind.and found out my seat isn't very comfortable. It paddles very well. I have a short (8') sot kayak and got tired in less than 1 mile.  With this one I was barley tired when I got to the turn around point. I only had 1 minor problem my leg went to sleep and I didn't notice and fell into the water when I tried to stand up. It only took me about 3 hours to make the whole trip of 11 miles but I am fairly sore from sitting in one position for so long. I took a couple of pics which I am attaching.



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Looks like you've made a good job of it Pat. And 11 miles is impressive for a first go.


As for falling in the water well at least the water would be a bit warmer than somewhere up north like Michigan.


Some people say having the seat pad a bit longer can help with comfort as a bit more weight is taken by the thighs. Might be worth experimenting with.

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Looks good and I like the colors.  
Now you see why I DO NOT like those short boats. People see the short white water boats and think that is normal. While they are good for what they are designed,  white water, they they suck for flat water paddling! And I am not making fun of white water paddling or paddlers either. But this boat probably has close to half the resistant your 8' foot boat  has.  ;)
As for seats, you need support under your thighs. Try rolling up a towel or putting in under your thighs and see if that doesn't help.  That is one of the reasons I use the Redfish foam seats. They are long enough I don't have that happen any more.
Thanks for posting the photos!!

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