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Are You Interested in Premium Web Hosting?

Frank Hagan

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Now that I'm no longer required to divest myself of other businesses, I am considering re-starting my web hosting business. However, it will be a premium service with a minimum $10 per month fee, focused primarily on small business and hobbyist sites.


If you hosted with me before, and feel that $10 a month is worth the level of service I provided, please let me know. I have two commitments already, so I only need a few more.


I will be very selective about the type of sites hosted on the server. Wordpress sites will be allowed, but other "content management systems" may not be allowed, as they pose a security risk if not frequently updated. As before, only "family friendly", non-controversial sites will be allowed, with no adult content, political debate, or otherwise controversial content. Even legal "debate" sites tend to attract hackers who try to compromise the server.


I will continue to provide free hosting to the existing non-profit sites (such as http://byyb.org).


Payment will be by credit card or Paypal payments. Semi-annual and annual payments by personal check will be considered for businesses, and if I had success with you in th past using this method.



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I have the new server set up, with twice the RAM of my old one, and several hosting clients lined up. The server is on her "shake down cruise" to make sure its secure and working well, then I'll move my sites over one by one. When I'm sure its a stable platform, I'll open it up to new customers.

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Most of my sites, including this one, are moved over to the new server. All is well, with premium security software, distributed name server management (using two additional geographically distributed servers) , etc. are all working fine. The last step is to implement a daily backup routine to provide daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly backups on a remote server, and then I will open up the server to new accounts. Estimated time line is end of next week.

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The new server is up and running, with good performance over the last 36 days. Backups to two geographically distinct locations are in place, and I am gradually adding customers to the server.


Premium Wordpress hosting, where I handle all security and administrative tasks, including updating of the Wordpress core, plugins and themes, is $20 per month. This is a turnkey service, and you don't have to worry about disk space, bandwidth, or anything else. One hour of premium support is included per month, and additional support is billed at $45 per hour, in 15 minute increments.


Details are at http://hostkabob.com/premium-wordpress-web-hosting/

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Hello Frank Hagen


I am considering setting up a trailerable funboat timeshare in Miami.  Boats would include a rebuilt 18ft Roballo center console fishing boat and "Giglia", by just built 16 foot Lapwing 16 cat ketch.


The concept is to gather carefully selected participants who are boat knowlegeable, maybe, in its maturity, 15 members


Appointments could be made through a web page, each member paying a semi-annual fee and accessing the boats for a equal "share" of time during the year.


This boats would be turn-key provisioned and ready for each appointment by myself and the people who work with me at my boatshop in North Miami beach, FL


The boats would be maintained by us.




Would your new web hosting server be appropriate?  Is this the kind of customer you would be interested in?


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