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How much to order

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1 foot more the the boat length on the skin.  Except with short fat boats, then I suggest 2'. With a Sea Rider 1' extra is plenty.


I use less than 1 roll of sinew on a boat. But I have a lot of clients that end up ordering a second roll, saying they ran out. I am guessing they don't trust the lashing and pulling a lot of turns around each joint.


Keep in mind shipping cost is almost as much as  the sinew. If you are overseas, the cost is more than the roll so I recommend buying 2. 

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I used 19 feet of polyester cloth for a 17.5' Sea Ranger LC. I probably could have gotten away with less, but Yost's designs can vary a bit in length depending on how you interpret and execute the bow and stern. The cloth is way too inexpensive to take a chance on buying less than the anticipated boat length plus 1.5 feet.

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