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How many coats of paint

Pat Mellema

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Assuming you are using my polyester, it always takes me 3 coats to fully seal the fabric.

FWIW, I have tried different methods and I find I prefer rolling it on with one of these. I get better results and a more even finish.

Still need a bush for the seams. I usually use a disposable foam brush for that. 


The best looking jobs I have done are with a sprayer but the clean up and taping off the coaming is such a pain I don't spray them any more. 



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On the subject of paint: I've used only Rustolium and have been delighted with it. Haven't tried any other coatings because the Rustolium was cheap and readily available. I used two coats thinned 20% followed by two coats unthinned. Not trying to be creative, I just mixed more of the thinned paint than I needed, so I used it up.


I performed an accidental experiment on Rustolium: As I was applying the last coat in the Fall, I dripped a small blob of paint on my right big toenail, down near the quick. It didn't wash off when I showered a few hours later, so I decided to see how long it would last. I'm now trimming the edges of that drop and it appears to be as thick as it was several months ago. So, although it's not a scientific experiment, I'm impressed with the durability of Rustolium. There may be other coatings as good or better, but dang! That's some pretty good stuff!



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I think Dave said he prefers brushing? But I just can't put it on evenly with a brush.


And for anyone reading this, I find that thinning the first coat a good bit and rolling it on allows it soak into the fabric more evenly. Then when someone is admiring your work and looks in the cockpit you they don't see  blotchy multi colors that soaked in the fabric. It turns out very even.

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If by Dave you mean me, no, I only use a brush around thge coaming and to work paint into the seams.  I do the brush work first on each coat so I can fair out the strokes with the roller.  I have had good luck with polyurethane deck enamel, but I think Rustoleum is a bit more resilient.  I like the almost unlimited color choices of custom mixed porch and deck paint though.

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