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I got Boat US to insure my Core Sound 17"Petunia" for an "agreed value" of $8K last year. The total premium for the year was $176. I was also told by many that my homeowners insurance "should" cover it, but the Boat US policy was specific in that it also covers fuel spill liability, uninsured boaters,boat trailer, etc. The deductible is reasonable ($200 for the boat,$50 for trailer/ personal effects etc.) so I decided to go with their  "yacht policy". Where manufacturer is listed she is classified  as a "custom" built hull.

Initially they were only going to value the boat for about $5K but I called their underwriters and pointed out that I had previously built boats for a living, had held a Coast Guard captain's license, NO prior losses,etc. and they raised her value to $8K (which as we all know is no where near the amount spent on building...). So if they suggest a lower figure than you'd like, call and see what you can work out.

The policy is good for all US/Canadian coastal and inland waters. And it would probably be a great idea to have ALL of your registration papers in order before you attempt this as most companies will be more likely to cover a vessel that has already gone through some sort of bureaucratic screening by someone else.....

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A quick response.  I insure my Marissa 'Salty' through BoatUS.  Not sure about their competitiveness but I checked a couple of other insurers and nobody would insure a homemade wooden boat. I will try to go back and check if I get a chance but I believe I have a declared value policy.  I know I had to declare the value to be insured. Don't remember what i am paying.



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My boat pictured on the previous page was homemade cold molded by me. ACE insured it for the surveyed replacement value of $65k for $526 annually. All I need was a condition and value survey, not a complete which cost me $225.

Not that difficult.

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Thanks Tsouthward1.  I'll check with ACE.


Here's the latest picture of jus' 'cause, parked at Fish and Wildlife getting registered. 


For those interested, also got her weighed.  Boat, motor T-top and trolling motor no fuel or batteries came to 1900 lbs.  Take away about 550 for motor, T-top and trolling motor leaves weight of the hull at about 1350lbs.  Lighter than I expected. 


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You're right HTM I'm really looking forward to getting her on the water and seeing what she can do.  Matter of fact I got her on the lake for the first time today, just for a couple of hours, but in the first two hours of running Yamaha says to limit the RPM's to 2k for the first hour and the second hour to just enough to keep her on plane.  So the fun stuff will have to wait 'til the next trip in a couple of weeks.  Actually maybe 3 or 4.  Gotta take some time off to go see some spring training games. Hope to get some better pictures then but here are three from todays maiden voyage:




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It's been a while, but I've been intending to post some performance figures so will attempt to fulfill that obligation in this final post.  The boat weighs 1800 lbs dry with 115 hp 2015 Yamaha mounted.  Fuel tank capacity is 25 gal. That add another 154 lbs when full.  I started with a 15 pitch, 13.5 " diameter prop.  at elev approx 4500 ft. (Pueblo Reservoir, Pueblo, CO) topped out at about 5300 RPM.  Obviously too much prop since top for the motor is 61-6200 RPM.  Speed at that (5300) RPM was 33 mph. This was with me (200 lb) and a friend (150 lb) and about 60 lbs of fuel on board. Boat handled very nicely, great on turns, but some porpoising at higher speeds.  At 8500 ft elev, same load except this time a full gas tank, 154 lbs, same prop, topped out at 5100 RPM and 31 mph.  Again she handled nicely except for the porpoising. Switched to a 13 pitch, 13.75 diameter prop, which, with two more people (women, total about 250 lb) and additional 160 lbs of sand in the bow, at 8500 ft elev topped out at 5700 RPM and 35 mph.  This time no porpoising.


Took a trip to Red Lake, Ontario, about 1200 ft elev, for five days of fishing.  With the smaller pitch prop, myself, my two sons total about 600 lbs and fishing gear, motor topped out at 6100 rpm and 38 mph, great handling, quick onto plane, great on turns except on turns in 20 +/- mph wind she skidded a little, little if any skidding in lower wind speeds.


Overall a wonderful boat.  I've had many, many compliments on the boat,  A 30 year commercial fisherman from Alaska couldn't say enough about her beautiful lines. Thank you Graham Byrnes and B & B Yachts Designs.


By the way, for anyone building or considering building the boat and plan to fish with an electric trolling motor mounted on the bow, plan on getting the longest stinger you can find, lots of thrust and maybe some ballast in the bow to keep the prop in the water.   Mine is 5 feet long and wouldn't hurt to be a little longer and 80 lb thrust.  The high bow and gun'ls  respond as you would expect to the wind.


Now I going to try to post a few more pics.  The two deck hands are my sons.



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Thanks for the great pictures, would you mind if I used them (with credit of course) on the B&B website? 

Thanks also for posting speed/prop/motor data and for having the boat weighed, we love to see calculations on paper come to fruition as intended and with Graham behind the pen (or computer) it's what we've come to expect!




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