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New guy signing on-Need input from the FreeB 14 builders.

Bill Hubbard

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Hi. My names Bill, and I first saw Jeff's work over on the Wooden Boat Forums. I bought and read the book, and decided to start with the FreeB as a learning exercise. I know it's unsupported by Jeff since the offsets free, but plotted out the points for the profile and wanted to get a sanity check, since I had a couple of flyers on the bow and stern plots, and it didn't appear the end s connected as end assemblies like the boats in the book.


I want to be sure i understand the structure before I start ordering materials and cutting.




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I will say that it looks right to me. A single stray point is no big deal. Most times you end up not using all them anyway. You want a smooth curve and the numbers are rounded off so there will usually be a little variance anyway. I will try to find time to double check the numbers. 


Saw you order and will see if I can get it out today, if not it will go in tomorrows mail.

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