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How To Use Your Wood Working Ideas


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All right, you have these wood working ideas in your head, so what to do with them? First off as I have talked about in past articles, you need very good patterns. One thing, once you get some good patterns and use them you will start to see how valuable they can be to you. Not just because of the great project you make but because you will have learned how to design your own ideas and that opens up a whole new wood working experience for you.

Lets say that you have plans for Christmas ornaments, first thing you do is go to a print shop or your own printer and make ten or so copies.

OK you have your Baltic Birch ply wood. Cut into squares big enough to fit your ornament pattern on. Now if this is your first time cutting these small projects you probably think it will take you forever to cut all of them, not so. Here is how you do it. First you take one of your square pieces of wood. Spray glue on your pattern, let it get tacky, then stick it to your wood square.

Now take five pieces of your wood stack them together with your plan on top of the stack. Some guys use double sided tape between each layer. I prefer two inch clear packing tape and just tape them all together on the outside of the stack. You will find that this tape makes your blades last longer as the tape lubricates them.

Now take your stack to the drill press using a number sixty drill bit, drill all of your internal cuts. I like to then turn my stack over and take a small awl and open each exit hole. This makes your blade start into the hole much easier.

Now for cutting I use #2/0 spiral blades, there a lot of guys that will tell you to use reverse tooth blades but for small curving cuts you will not get good or fast cutting that you will get from the spiral blades. So that is up to you, try both and see what works best for you.

Sawing - cut all of your internal cuts first, then cut the outside and you have your five ornaments all cut out. Just repeat until you have all you need to hang on your tree. In these hard times you may want to sell them, also you might as well get paid for your wood working ideas.

Now that you have them cut, you ask how do I get the paper off my project, it's so simple. Just take a small paint brush and paint thinner, wet the paper and let set for five minutes and it will wipe right off. When dry, your wood will look the same, the thinner will dry off with no staining.

Well that's about it for this article. I need to get back in the shop, I have a lot of scroll sawing to do. I hope this has helped you. READ THE OTHER WOODWORKING IDEAS HERE : woodworking ideas here

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Hi edyson2! Thanks for sharing the tips.

I know you are promoting your site, but you did it the right way. You gave US something in return for your link, and I like that approach. Feel free to post other tips as you get them, and yes, you can include a link to your site when you do so.

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