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Normal? S10n bow after going 3D.


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Spindrift 10n, Hull 933 started going 3D today. And I have a few questions I hope some of the more able of you can answer.

Frist off, 933 is a kit from B&B, the foreward bluk head is in and fits great, the nesting bulkhead and transome will go in tomorrow.

Question 1:

The keel and chines are wired and because if the keyed chine, they line up great, but at the bow, the lower section of the hull--below the chine--is a bit proud (1-2 layers of the ply are a sticking out of the seam. See the photo below. The problem is only with the first 2 keys of the chine, You can see the proud part under the frist wire tie.

If these need to be pulled in, any suggetions? Or should the just be removed when I flip the boat over and round and tape all the ouside edges?

Question 2:

The mated, nesting blukheads. Should they be wired in? Screwed in? Glued in?

Question 3:

After the transom and nesting bulkhead are in ? Fillet and tape, then gunnels or gunnels then fillet and tape?

Thanks in advance for your help.\



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The gunwales should be at least clamped (if not glued) to the shear to pull the shape fair before you do the inside filleting & taping. Be sure to do both sides at the same time to keep the sides symmetrical. The transom & the bulkheads need to be wired in place to make sure everything fits the hull shape is fair.

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