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Hey Steve Day


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I am looking for marine ply and mahogny in the near future. Going to be restoring an old Sea Skiff. Any sources down your way? There is nothing here. Thougth I might drive down and take a couple of days and do some paddling and buy wood all at once. If I could find some good suppliers that is.

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Hey Jeff,

I have not been able to establish a contact for marine plywood in the area. Every time we have gotten a bunch of plywood it has been from World Panel over in North Carolina. My partner in the Minor, Wally, has found a source for mahogany wood that he is using in the Gar Wood project, but I'm not sure where that is at the moment. I will ask him when I see him Sunday (if I can remember to do so).

However, I might be persuaded to take the kayak down from the garage ceiling and paddle a bit if you come down.


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I stopped by Bayou Lumber today. They have "AB" marine fir: 3/8" @ $45 1/2"@ $56 3/4"@ $75. Closest he could get with 1/4" was AC exterior fir. They don't stock any hardwood marine ply, although he said he would look into ordering it for a custom order.

OHC (Overseas Hardwood Co.) imports a lot of different hardwoods including several mahoganies. Their market is mostly railcar / trailer floors and industrial applications, and they wouldn't or couldn't sell in less than truckload quantities. An exception was "ipe" which they sell on the internet for decks. Everlasting Hardwoods is their internet entity. OHC has both an office and warehouse in Mobile.

I am on a quest to find decent boat wood locally. If I have any luck I'll post it.

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