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Scott Dunsworth

28 foot Crusier

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I have got her turned over and on a building trailer that I can pull in and out of the shop. Graham got the lines right, she looks good. I will be moving her to the new shop next weekend. Next we will grind the nasties off and glass the inside. It took us ten hours to turn over ( the beam was greater than the inside height of the building ) and five hours to get it on the trailer.

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Got the electric turned on in the new shop this week :).  So today I started getting all the nastys sanded down so I can start glassing the inside this weekend. feels good to get at it again in a serious way. It's been a long time building two houses and a shop. But now I will be back at it. Building a larger boat is like getting married, its seems like its for life. I keep reminding myself, just one piece at a time.


Hats off to you Peter for enduring and having the talent to build such a beautiful 28. 



I got a Catalina 22 that I restored for a friend back in 09. He has kept it garaged since then, so its still like new. I will now have a boat to go sailing in again. I haven't been sailing since my Belhaven left me. It will be nice to hit the water again. Unlike my Belhaven it is much heavier and takes forever to setup , I don't know if my V 6 will pull it across the mountains to the mess=about. I may take extra time and come anyway.



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