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Belhaven sailing on youtube

Scott Dunsworth

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I have about 25 minutes of sailing video from my last trip I took the first of this month. I'll try to edit it down to about 6 to 8 minutes and post it on youtube this weekend. All of the video is from the boat so it's not that great. But for someone building or interested in the Belhaven it may be a joy. I flew the staysail for a while and all the sailing was with light wind around 10 with gusts to maybe 15 on a broad reach. So not real exciting, speed from 4 to 7 mph.

It was a trip from Grandview IN to Barkley lake in Kentucky. I spent 10 days on the Ohio river, Cumberland river and lake Barkley. It rained three days hard with one storm on Sunday after I anchored. I seen the storm coming and anchored close to shore with tall well rooted trees hoping ( maybe a false hope ) that the lighting would rather take a tree, rather than my little boat. I had a few minutes of straight line winds that had my little boats bow raising and slamming down. I had backed my anchor in with about 20 feet of chain with 80 feet of rope in ten feet of water. Also a stern anchor to keep me off the shore. Sleep came slow that night with the lighting popping all around me.

On the up side I got two whole days of sailing on the Ohio and only starting the motor to back the anchor in.

Got a few good days of sailing on Barkley also.

The Cumberland river is not very wide and about 30 miles long from the Ohio to Lake Barkley locks. So I decided not anchor and do about half of the river after dark. I kept my vhf on the toll boat channel 13. I met a barge on a bend that was a bit unnerving. I heard the toll captain tell another toll that there was a small sailboat heading his way. I saw his spot light as I was coming up on a bend at the I 24 bridge. I decided to be proactive this time and hailed him on the radio and told the captain I would be next to the shore on the left descending bank. He thanked me and after he pasted called me back and thanked me again. I locked through Barkley lock about 10 PM and found the first cove to drop the hook.

Next day was some real laid back sailing on a broad reach, I set the sails and hardly touched them the rest of the day :) ( sorry Ray ). :)

I installed a new Sony marine sound system on my boat before I started this trip and don't know how I have done without it to this point. Next to the auto helm it's my favorite electrical gadget on the boat.

Met some friends at Prizer point for the weekend, along with my wife. I went into the super laid back mode then, with a little fishing, naps, music, some cold ones, shrimp boil and fish fry.

I love the places this little boat takes me.

Kyle the blender worked flawlessly!


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Awesome Scott! Thanks so much for sharing these videos with us all.

Now that my boat is back right side up, I can pretend that I am sailing along with you.

Your Belhaven is beautiful and really inspires me to do a good job on mine.

Glad that the blender worked, Dina. ;-)

Kyle #44

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Ahhhhhh.... so refreshing! :) Thanks for that. Beautiful boat and looks like a nice relaxing trip. The detail work that I can see on your cabin looks excellent. I think the last video is my favorite, but I appreciated the scenic cove and quick peek in the cabin in the third video too. Thanks for sharing.

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A few folks have emailed me wanting some sailing video that's not so laid back. So this weekend my wife and I are going to take her out and try to get some footage. We have a little island on the Ohio river that my wife will try to get some good video of her sailing harder from shore. We will try to get some from the boat also. All I can promise is that we'll try. I have to tell you, I really like laid back the best! But she will handle rough water and winds just fine. Even if the Captain is not up to it or in the mood for it. We are suppose to have some strong winds this weekend, I'll try not to reef and just push her hard.


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Here is one more video, my wife didn't get to go with me so it's from the boat also. Doing 6 to 7 mph with one reef in. I had the the recorder strapped to the cabin top for about half of the clip so its pretty boring. I did get some over the transom and down the side of the boat. Remember I carry as much as 800 lbs of stuff in the boat so performance is hampered a bit.

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