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CS17 #224 launched


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rigged and ready to go... when she was left like this... waves washed pebbles into the cb case and prevented the cb deploying... had to go back and clear them before we could get out again... I might need to put a flap there... as I'll be beaching her very often.


showing off her lines


Maligno101 on the helm... there was a typhoon up north and it made for some interesting sailing... the gps maxed out at 12.3 kts.


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To quote a young Laser sailor after we surfed into a finish in 2009 on CS17 #132 at the end of a race in NC, "I've never gone that fast and felt so in control- on a Laser you might have gone as fast but felt like you were on the verge of dumping every second". That young sailor is 3rd mate on a Maersk Freighter who stopped in for a few weeks at our port for some maintenance on their ship, a few weeks later they and their sister ship made international news off the coast of Somalia. Luckily, it was the sistership who made the headlines, not my young sailing friend.

Congratulations on the beautiful build, and may you continue to make 12 knots and keep the crew smiling!

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