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Mini-cup Sail

P Doug (WA)

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Well, you can see I have no experience and a lot to learn. I will rethink this because I have no business in an overpowered sailboat. I was looking at sail kits and that looked like the closes to the size for the mini-cup. I will actually probably make one from tarp as the plans state to start with and to get wet with.

Mike this the most recent picture I have. I had just put the deck on, this was last month. Haven't progressed much more other than putting a couple coats of epoxy on the deck and lots of sanding. I have the rudder, rudder box, tiller and daggerboard all done. I went on vacation for 2 weeks after that. I want to put some trim around the cockpit to give it a more finished look so I am playing with steaming and bending wood. So far not much real success, but having fun with it and still trying.

As I said, I have no experience with sailing so please feel free to correct my terminology, and give advice. That is what i come here for.


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