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New Builder Photo Pages!


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Hello All,

We have posted several new sets of pictures on our Builder Photo Pages, six new Weekenders, a Pocket Cruiser, and a Triad! It's great to see all the new boats hitting the water...Always exciting for us, and moreso for their builders!

The new Weekender photos are on pages 12 and 13 of the Weekender Builder Photos Pages.


The new Pocket Cruiser is on the second page here:


And the new Triad is here:


We've posted a new page to make it easier to find all the Builder Photo Pages (actually, a return to the older way of arranging the shots I used to use!)


Also, Stevenson Projects is now entering the world of Social Media, albeit slowly!


You can Friend us, Follow us, etc. now!


Mike Stevenson

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Thanks for posting this. Caused me to browse your pages again, haven't been there for a while. I found out I had pictures of the model of a Weekend I built on you model page, that I didn't realized was posted. Than you. I working on a Mini-cup that I started years ago (2004) and got side tracked for a few years. Back at it and should be able to finish this winter for launch in the spring. I know, I'm slow. Actually I could get it done pretty soon, but the water is getting cold and I know I'm going to get wet. I'll wait until it gets warmer to try to sail her.

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SLow is better than not at all! I look forward to seeing another Mini-Cup hit the water this Spring. I am tentatively planning on making one then as well. If I recall correctly, and it's been a third of a century since I sailed a Mini-Cup, they're fast and fun, but slightly wet boats to sail. Warmer weather sounds right!

I've posted two more builders today: Another Weekender, this one from the Phillipines and quite a great bunch of shots, and a new Vector built by a friend of ours here. (New Vectors—YAY!)




Thanks, and we'll have to encourage each other to get our Mini-Cups built!


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