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Wind Problem solved, sailing on jib alone

Herschel Payne

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I think I found a solution to heavy wind with Weekender. The wind was really wild today and I put up the jib only. The boat ran pretty flat and I was able to sail across the wind very well. Going downwind the jib did a fair bit of jibing side to side really making a racket with the clubfoot, but I felt stable at all times.

Ofcourse, my speed was cut but I had a feeling of control, which is important to me as I am prudently conservative with this boat as I don't want to risk a capsize.

Please let me know your thoughts on sailing with the jib alone in wild conditions. ( For upwind progress I use a motor with this method.

Thanks and happy sailing to everyone.

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I have sailed my weekender several times on just the Jib and had no problems. The first time I was out in high winds we were running in 4' waves on the jib alone and it was betterthan trying to use the main.I knew that I was not able to use the main when I went out.

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Thanks Pat, I was out again today and it was very windy and gusty. I used only the jib and at no time did I feel overpowered. I could see the gusts coming across the lake and they would hit the boat which only resulted in more forward speed and great sense of security.

By the way Frank, I noticed that this post came out twice. Sorry about that, I only have dialup and it didn't seem to go the first time. I could not figure out how to delete one of them.

Thanks for a wonderful forum.

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