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Belhaven 19 or PS22 used as acommodation

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Hello! Long time lurker. I am about to pull the trigger on either a Belhaven 19 or Princess Sharpie 22 plans. Can either be used as acommodations while on trailer?

Scott told me he and Dina sleep in their Belhaven when on road trips. They just use it as an RV. I'm sure he will chime in here with particulars...


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I think the real questions are concerning how the boat is supported on the trailer and what will isolated loads of a person do to the bottom of the boat while supported this way. You certainly want well distributed support of the hull for climbing into the boat on the trailer.

What one is willing to put up with for accommodation is subjective :P

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Yessir, you can use either boat as a camper, I have a P22 and would not hesitate to trailer it and say aboard in a campground. There are a couple of issues -- the P22 sits high on the trailer (it's a big boat), so one has to be able to climb into it. Some of us are more horizontally challenged than others and this could be a concern, but a boarding ladder would help. The other is the folding masts. Even though the hatch is designed off center, both masts go across the hatch when folded, blocking around one third of the opening. As the builder, you will be accustomed to climbing in and out and this will be a non-issue, but anyone else in your party may have a problem for a while.

The weight location on the trailer is also not an issue. The P22 is designed to sit on it's keel while on a trailer. Trailer bunks merely balance the load. I recently had my grandson visit for a week (5 weeks old at the time) and I had the chest cold from hell at the same time. In order to not infect this child and incur the wrath of God any another people in the house, I spent 7 days sleeping in my P22 while it was on the trailer and under a shelter in my back yard. Comfortable bunk, pottie, locally rigged air conditioning using convenient shore power -- what else could you want?


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The weight location on the trailer is also not an issue. The P22 is designed to sit on it's keel while on a trailer. Trailer bunks merely balance the load.

The boat is designed such, but one still has to find the correct trailer and adjust it properly. Also, when you are boarding virtually all of your weight goes to one bunk as you are likely off center. So proper bunk adjustment is important. These were the concerns I mentioned, though maybe not so clearly. Grahams design is only part of the equation.

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I have slept on Pilgrim (P22) lots of times when she is on her trailer. Rode out a pretty good storm last year at Lake Texoma at night on the trailer :) I have one half (the step half B)) of a step ladder that I carry for boarding on the trailer. Works great, but a good alum stepladder is not cheap :o

Pilgrim sits on a 14' 2x12 down the centerline of the trailer and has a carpeted bunkboard 8' long down each side for support.

So far, so good :)

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I have a Belhaven and it sleeps my wife and I plus 3 kids. No problem. The offset hatch makes getting in and out while masts are folded ok. It's very suprising how much room is in the cabin and cockpit of a Belhaven. I use the swim ladder off the stern to get in and out while she's on trailer. Can't speak for the P22, but I'm sure you would find that equally suitable. Here's a couple pics of the interior and cockpit space. I lowered my cabin top quite a bit off the original plans, but at 5'10" I still have sitting head room on the quarter berth.




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