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Cruiser 28

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Had a very nice visit this week with Graham and some interesting conversations. We have nearly everything decided about what I want in a cruiser. One major shift is were going with a diesel instead of the outboard in a well. The hull shape is very pleasing to the eye. She has to me that is, a slight modern look with a salty traditional look. There will be plenty of room for a dodger and Bimini. the cockpit will have walk through with a door to the swim platform. She will have a 9' 8" beam with over 27 feet of water line, along with a 4' draft. She has 6'1" headroom throughout the long cabin. The deck and all of the cabin will be foam core and I plan on insulating some of the hull also. I hate wet damp v berths. The sail plan looks good also. So it won't be long now before we get started.

I stopped and had a look at Peters 28. Its looks magnificent and Peter your joinery is second to none. Great job and thanks.


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I really like the color scheme of burgundy hull with white topsides and accents on the burgundy. BUT I know its not that practical to have such a dark hull. I also like the paint scheme of the Island Packets. Who knows that's a long way off. I might just shock everyone and paint the whole boat :P white ;) since the hull won't look like a bleach bottle.

I do know that the interior will be white with all cherry wood inside. I have a small mountain of free cherry.

So I need to get busy and finish my two spindrift 12's and get them sold.

One is 2/3 finished and the other is 1/3 finished. I'll start knocking them out this weekend and hopefully be done in a few months.

Garry that was a very nice boat.


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I can highly recommend using a light wood fo0r most of the interior with a dark wood for trim and accent. I used birch plywood for the bulkheads and cabinetry with ash battens for the ceiling. The dark wood is teak but, with the costs of teak, cherry makes more sense nowadays for interior trim.

You know we will be watching over your shoulder so have a care when you're considering those shortcuts.

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I'm doing well (thanks for asking) - I'm adjusting to boatless life in the cold Southern winter ;) There's a kayak or two in my future, though. Maybe a bigger boat if we move West.

It'll be nice to see the pictures when Graham gets that far.

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