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Center of Effort vs. Center of Lateral Plane


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I’m confused, for years I have believed that the distance the Center of the sail area is ahead of the Center of Lateral Plane is the positive lead, (giving weather helm). However, I was just reading a book that states that the Center of Effort should be behind of the Center of lateral Plane. Should the rudder area be included in the lateral Plane? What amount of lead is accepted for Sloops, Yawls, Ketches, cat ketches?

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Imagine a see-saw and its pivot point are laid on its side. Now imagine that the see-saw is the keel of your boat. Choose one end as the bow. If you apply a center-of-effort force nearest to the bow, what's it going to do? Turn down away from the wind (lee helm). Conversely, if you apply a force toward the stern end, what's it going to do? Turn down the back of the boat (weather helm).

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