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photos and running video of Marissa

Tom Lathrop

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  • 2 weeks later...

Here is a fun shot of Marissa jumping out of the hole being driven by Marissa. She does about 22 knots with the 30. If you plot 30 HP on the speed prediction graph on Marissa's web page you will see that it is about 22 knots. Our GPS conveniently fried when she was launched and the tachometer is on back order so it will be a couple of weeks before I can fine tune the boat and have hard numbers.post-0-129497639507_thumb.jpg

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Both boats look great!!

I did read a review about the PT Skiff in a Epoxy Magazine.. The only thing that looked really good was the kit featured at http://ptwatercraft.com/ptwatercraft/PT_SKIFF.html had a decent price including everything and epoxy. For people wanting to save a lot of work and shopping around for materials this isn't a bad deal..

Other then that the Eco 18 seems to have better handling. Now if we could take the windshield off the PB and put it on the Eco 18...

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