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Kenny Lee is gone. Since the start of this build there has been an inspection stamp at the bottom of the cockpit. Kenny Lee inspected my plywood. It has been a joke between my wife and I that we should name the boat Kenny Lee. Well topsides, cockpit seats, and bulkheads are all painted, or primed actually.

I haven't done much lately because I am now a freshman at 47. I am now enrolled at Kent State. Not only am I the oldest in the class but the instructor of my class was born 3 years after I graduated high school.

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I can still remember those days of spilled epoxy (keep vinegar handy for cleanup), constant sanding, looking for tools, splinter removal, making up new curse words, collecting sawdust anywhere I could, more sanding, cut twice (still too short), "where's that drill", more sanding, begging for more money from wife, finally getting to paint, more sanding, begging for money to upgrade sails, shopping for rigging, whipping eyes in braided line, More sanding, more painting, find a trailer, convince the Texas Wildfife Depatment she will float, planning a Christening and finally floating her. No project I have ever done gave me more satisfaction. Good luck with Gwen!!!!

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