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earth day


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Did you know the guy who started Earth day Killed his wife? Almost got away with it. She had been missing for years when in a house he had owned somebody found her body in a trunk.

I am all for recycling, improving efficiency, and what not. In fact I would hazard to guess  I am "greener" than most greenies. But I am not a greenie.

I am sorry if I have insulted anyone.


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  I hope you'll use the lumber to build a cigarrette boat.  Ya shouldn't waste good wood.  It's irresponsible.  Alternatively, you could use the wood to smoke a pig.


  Are you suggesting he should have recycled her?  :grin:

  I spent my Earth Day working on evil, job-stealing robots, sailing after work, loaning a neighbor a saw, then plotting with another neighbor to drive all the way to Florida to sail the Florida 120 instead of just hauling the boat the normal two miles to the lake.  At least we're going to carpool  :cool:  That makes me green!

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