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Florida 120 article in Duckworks!


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I was just checking dates for the Florida 120 tonight. Unfortunately, I am committed to an Emmaus Walk that weekend and will not be available to go on the 120. It is a disappointment for both Gina and I as we had fun on the last trip.

Maybe next year.  :-(


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  Thanks Pat and Scott,

  It sounds like camping is the way to go.  I was thinking that it might be easier to stop somewhere along the way and get up early for the remainder of the drive, but maybe getting the boat in the water the morning of the start is a little too late.

  I'll discuss it with the crew and then we'll probably just end up winging it anyway.  :-)

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Ken, the skippers meeting is at 9am and the first days sail is around 15 miles (more if you go outside into the gulf).  There is time to either launch before the skippers meeting or after and make it to the first stop in plenty of time.  So, if you want to find a hotel when you are getting close then get up in the morning that would work just fine. 

Personally, I do enjoy just hanging out with folks on Wednesday talking about boats and all.

BTW, we are working up a backup plan on our forum on the www.texas200.com site for the oil spill.  We are now looking at Pine Sound south of Tampa.  I don't think we will have to use it but will make the call this weekend.

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  I hope the oil spill doesn't make landfall (anywhere).  I've been looking forward to this event through the cold, hard months of winter and I hope the 120 goes forward wherever it may because it willl defintely be loads of fun.  At this moment (recent developments) I don't think I'll be able to make it to the event this year.  I would post this message on the Florida 120 website instead of here but I've allways had trouble figuring out which website to post stuff on.  It seems like there's one spot for Florida 120 2009 stuff and another spot for Florida 120 2010 stuff and another spot for Texas 200 stuff where the most recent FL 120 stuff may be (I'm not sure if that's right, I'm just unable to navigate the maze of twisty little passages)...

  At this point in time I think I will have to skip the event - This is not due to the difficulty of figuring out what's going on or the uncertainty of the unprecentedly horrible oil spill that is bearing down on so much of the Gulf Coast.  I just have a meeting I HAVE to attend on the Sunday of the trip, and I just can't get out of it.  I'm not happy that I have to abstain from all the fun and I'll be looking forward to all the photos you guys post so I can kick myself for missing the good times.

  The time off work has already been approved so right now it looks like I'll be sailing the NC coast Wednesday through Saturday (in order to accommodate the durn Sunday meeting), so I hope that you folks who are there for the fun will raise a glass at an appropriate moment in recognition of the people who couldn't make it.  We'll definitely raise a glass (or a can) for you as we settle in on a lonely NC beach camp :)

  Post lots of pictures!  :-)

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Hi Ken,

Sorry for the confusion but we are currently using the Florida 120 forum over at www.texas200.com and the two years are kinda mushed in there together.  I have set up a facebook group however and will hopefully get everyone to switch over to that after this event.  Sorry you won't be making the trip!

As for oil-spill planning, there are some posts about this on the Florida 120 forum over at www.texas200.com.  I am keeping an eye on things and will make the call mother's day weekend.  Our alternative location is Pine Island Sound which is beautiful territory as well.  I will be emailing everyone that is registered for the event to update them as to status.


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