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Graham roasted

Tom Lathrop

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Our leader is honored by the Community College.

The story is on www.towndock.net at:  http://towndock.net/news/boat-designer-and-teacher-graham-byrnes-honored

About 75 or so community citizens and former students of the Boatbuilding class at Pamlico Community College met to honor and roast Graham recently.

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Wonderful write up. It looks like you were doing a good job up there Tom.

I feel privileged to be a part of Grahams extended classroom.

I am amazed at the easy way Graham keeps an eye on everyone and tosses you a float if he thinks you are seriously drowning.

I do not believe I would have ventured this far from shore on my own. :shock:

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What a great article about a really great guy!

Congratulations to Graham on his 25 years.

I went over to the class with Graham when we visited Graham and Carla a couple of years ago. That was a great group of enthusiastic people. It does my heart good to see such a thing go on for all these years.


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