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Thrown out sewing machine, makes beautiful cushions. Incredibly beautiful boat comes out from under ratty looking shed. There is a theme here. That it !  That is the name of your boat, Cinderella. 


What are those cleats made of on the foredeck?

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Came across this in a book of poems. To sweep a floor or span a bay bit by bit unto the ending in perseverance always wending No matter how complex the quest build each part for just itself

Here are three pictures to get everyone up to speed with my progress- which has not been that spectacular lately. The coach roof turned to be a major pain - all beams were laminated and almost all wer

What do people use for tread compound on throughhull to seacock joints? Will regular plumber dope work? PeterP

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So there it is: Final chapter of Book I - She's in the water. Huge amount of physical effort, time and emotions all culminating in that one point. Something I find very difficult to put into words. John Eliot Gardiner calls the concept "insufficiency of language" in his book on JS Bach. PeterP




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Congratulations Peter. Absolutely beautiful!


To those who might wonder (including the builder) why someone would build their own boat, that is why. The emotion when she slides off that trailer and floats can be felt but cannot be described. Nothing quite like it.


PS: I will be in Norfolk in August. Just saying. :)

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Here are some more pictures of Peter's boat. The water was very low, so we launched 4 miles away and motored to the slip. I was very pleased, you can see that she floated perfectly and handled beautifully under power. She will be rigged over the next couple of weeks and we can give her a real test.


My compliments to Peter who did a superb job of the build. He was emotionally used up by the time he went home.



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20171007_082226_resized.jpg.c1a6aef4481196d4396920d901dd04dc.jpg20171006_104911_resized.jpg.cdae9d0e5f58b7f9487cec9d6c5011ad.jpg20171006_103516_resized.jpg.837969bf95fb451e664e21190b1887d0.jpg20171006_101246_resized.jpg.3cb1520ae6960cab87ec6b437a60c8b2.jpg20171006_074046_resized.jpg.65a9c09d02a08785343f94ff99dc549c.jpg20171005_173317_resized.jpg.d87bdf46d0912d3d563328ac6128268a.jpg20171005_144711_resized.thumb.jpg.3cbdd166e95fd4e5f473c5dc22022b81.jpg20171005_140807_resized.jpg.0d0e17214b4338f898badb8dbf71ab85.jpg20171005_091337_resized.jpg.941b6bd5b15a193a3f0a52f776a93971.jpg20171004_134826_resized.jpg.465950362096c75c0b7a6087d230fbe7.jpgOne of the most sublime feelings in my life only happens on a sailboat. Picture yourself well away from land, the boat is drawing gently but steadily in a breeze, the sun warms your face and then your entire microcosm is inexorably moved up then gently let down. There is a mixture of awesome endless power and gentleness in that movement that I never get tired of experiencing yet find totally beyond any words I possess. Ocean swell. The Book says that sea can be as terrible as the face of God. But not this day - today is probably the closest I get to re-live the time of awaking consciousness back in the womb where -floating in our liquid world- danger, terror or privation had no place. Not there not yet. The silence of sails is an essential key to feeling this.


Petrel is doing great. She took us on several trips and I have some pictures I would like to post


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