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Repainting a nearly 20 year old Spindrift

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As part of painting the newly constructed Moccasin, I decided to repaint my Spindrift 10 that was built around 1990.  I had noticed some checking (I think that is what it is called) in the paint.  As I was sanding down the paint it became apparent that the checking went into the Okoume plywood.  This is not the first repainting job on the boat.  It appears that when doing the previous paint jobs the epoxy coating the hull may have been removed.  I don't think it was removed during this sanding.  It was built using West System Epoxy and painted with Petite Easypoxy.  The paint is bonded really well to the epoxy.

Does anyone have a recommendation on how to handle this repair?  Should I sand the hull paint back completely and recoat with epoxy? Or try to removed the paint with a stripper - then recoat with epoxy?  Or can I sand back the paint on the checked areas and then recoat with epoxy?  Or is the some other solution that I am missing?

Here is a picture link to the side that has the most checking.  


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