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Just got back, it was 80 and sunshine in the islands. Here in Indiana it's overcast and 0 >:(. I hope to post a few pictures in a few days.

We saw a baby shark, hundreds of dolphfins along with a couple of manatees. Jordyn had me add the baby shark, for some reason it was the highlight of the trip for her.

We got to fly the staysail for 2 to 3 hour tacks. With 10 knot winds our Belhaven would do an average of 4.2 mph to the wind. With about a 15 degree heel, which the girls didn't mind.

The sailing was the best I have got to do for six days in a roll.

There were 12 boats that showed up. One 28 tri, 2 seapearl tri's, 2 seapearls, one tri of a design I've not heard of, 28 seapearl with a cabin,Catalina 22, a 20 something double ender with a cabin, 2 Mac 26s and our Belhaven.

It was a good time with plenty of sailing, campfires, a lot of lies on boat speed and pointing ability.

As soon as I get time to reduce the pictures I'll post some and add some more comments.

Grahams Belhaven is the ideal camp cruiser for these skinny waters.


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I'm barely into building my CS17, but I think shortly after finishing her I'll want to build a camp cruiser.  The Belhaven has my attention.  Looks like it would be within my capabilities and a good boat.

One of my long term goals is to do some serious exploring.  Coastal sailing, gunkholing, and I'd like to sail to Fort Jefferson on Dry Tortugas.  Maybe even cross the Gulf Stream to Bimini someday.

A lot of my sailing will always be singlehanding.

Sounds to me like the Belhaven will take that sort of mission in stride - what do you think?

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