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Stevenson's Lake scow


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New coat of many colors...

Finally got the graphics on the Lake Scow that I built just about the way I want them. Once when I turned around and saw it suddenly it struck me as it looked a little like a USAF Thunderbird so I am considering that for the name...unless someone has any better inspirations. I also considered Liberty and Old Glory but T-Bird is the front runner right now.

Oh...and yes...there are 50 stars. I wanted to put one extra right at the tip of the blue (PR?) but its 50 for now.





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  • 2 months later...

Wow! This looks GREAT! It's cool to see a new Circle Sailer after so long. How does it sail? It's been so long none of can recall too well!

We just made the first new aluminum tube lateen rig we've had in thirty years...Crazy. It's nice to have one again, though, as so many of our boats use that rig. I would love to make a Mini-Cup for next season, as that was my favorite as a kid. We did this new rig for a new Vector we made this past December. The tubes were around $140 from A place in San Francisco, but we picked them up there. not a bad price for a sail rig, as the tarp and halyard and a single block and cleat are pretty cheap!

Please let us know how it sails: We're really curious.



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Wow! This looks GREAT! It's cool to see a new Circle Sailer after so long. How does it sail? It's been so long none of can recall too well!

Well I did quite a few mods to this one as I built it. I added about 1 1/2" of rocker aft, I installed a daggerboard instead of the leeboards, I widened the stern by 3 or 4" (I forget) and the bow by 2" and I changed the rig to a balanced lug of 75 sq ft. It really zipps along, planes easily but isn't so good after a knock down. Too much cockpit. I am going to add a bulkhead and deck to the after part of the cockpit to give it more buoyancy there. The front 4+ ft is buoyancy chamber also.

Here are a few pics:









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Frank: The Vector is great fun on a beach. It's been almost thirty years since I sailed one on a beach though. In Mexico last time (back when it wasn't expensive to go to Mexico, in either cost or life!)

The deserts would be fun, but I would LOVE to get on Pismo Beach. For some asinine reason they are specifically excluded there! I am sorely tempted to take some to New Zealand, Australia, France—Anywhere they let sailcars run on the sand...(just need a willing sponsor...) :rolleyes:

Konrad made a Vector many years ago, or his friend Tom. Not too many get made, but I understand why: Venues are just impossible to find nowadays. I am getting ready to start using it as an example of how this country has reduced the opportunities for people to play in so many arenas, which of course limits young people's exposure to tons of creative play and learning.

OK: off soapbox now...


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