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Stevenson's Lake scow


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Steve  You may be a hell of a boat builder but you are a amature drunk. Throw that coke away, you know they are not good for you. Get you a old fashon glass, fill it with ice, now pour the dark rum to within 1 1/2" of the top now finish filling with water, a twist of lime if you have it. Your good to go to the monning chair. Now this will give put you on the road to recoverage. Bud. ;)

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Amateur drunk...true. Hell of a boat builder...me thinks not. Well here is the latest installment>

1: Bottom of pic- piece to fill in the  transom properly...

2: on the right- the big board is the daggerboard blank: 4 layers of 6mm 5ply plywood. Horizontal line is the bottom of the boat and vertical line is the maximum chord at 1/3.

3: Center top- the mast partner/center deck support/upper DB case support.

4: upper Left- one side of the DB case: 3/4" 13 ply plywood.

5: left middle- template for positioning the DB.

6: bottom with clamps- spacer because a 1x12 isn't and I need 12 1/4" for the crown of the after Bulkhead.


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Got some more work done this morning. It doesn't look like it but most things had to come apart and then get glued and screwed in. I know...there's a big gap between the DB and case. I did this on purpose so I could shift it around when using different sail rigs...for tuning the balance. I am going to have various plugs to fill the hole(s) depending on it's position in the case. There are 4 inches of movement to play with. I also made a shim for part of the upper DB case...this is to support the deck over the case area because there was a gap. My goof up, I wanted the case to go through the deck and get trimmed flush but I pooched it (again!)




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Much done today. Started with Jamming mucho caffeine so I could stay up then I started as soon as I got off work. Mast rough cut and laminated together:


Then I carved out one of the aft deck panels. (note: the book shows nesting them on one sheet but that gives one good side up and one crappy side up...I used two sheets of ply to get two good sides.):


And a different angle:


I took it off and traced it then matched them together:



and finally...I couldn't resist seeing it with a sail so I stuck in the old rig from my ScoutCanu (the CE is too far back I know)



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Today's update: Got the rudder blade made...going with the original for now and will make kick-up later. Sealed all the seams on the inside of the hull also. Now for the not so good news...got all the clamps off the mast and proudly extended it out in front of me...William Tell would be in heaven.The damn thing has a good 3/4 inch WONK to it  :o :-[ . PLUS...the hole and the mast are 90 deg apart in orientation...so the WONK would be to the left or the right if left as is. This means I'll have to plane down the wider sides and then glue a thickener or use a wedge so the mast will fit the partner...or cut the partner larger and laminate a smaller, correctly shaped piece on top. I had already planned on trimming the hole so that last might be the way I'll go. No pics as I don't have time today.


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Funny you mention the part about using two sheets instead of one because otherwise you have one bad side facing up ... back when these boats were designed, the C face of plywood still looked pretty good.  Now it looks like the surface of the moon and the "A" side looks like the old C side!

Doesn't sound like the mast is too bad.  Having a "partner wedge" in the mast box wouldn't be a bad thing (a lot of big boats have them too.)

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Well...the Scow emerged from hibernation today...mounted the rudder just to do SOMETHING with it. I still have the combings to do plus finish the daggerboard and fill/sand/coat/paint. Also on deck are the spars to fab and the daggerboard wedges/fillers. The mast has the halyard sheave installed but I think I made the hole too big...the rope comes out if there is slack. I will have to fix it with a shim or two to reduce the space available.

Here is how it stands now:


width=850 height=637http://www.angelfire.com/ego/lewisboatworks/Stuff/Scowbuild/Emergence2.JPG[/img]

width=487 height=650http://www.angelfire.com/ego/lewisboatworks/Stuff/Scowbuild/Emergence3.JPG[/img]

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Um...Er....right! yeah!... quick on the water...yeah...that's what I meant.  :( :???: :lol: :shock:

Gotta admit though...Since my vacation in June...I have had 1 day off in July, one in Sep, one in Nov, X-mas Eve, and one in March. Most of the time I get home and end up sitting down in front of the 'puter and other than the fridge beer run once an hour...there I stay planted for 2-4 hours until bed time.  I keep telling myself I'll have the energy tomorrow...or the weather isn't right or something else. It would have been relatively quickly built if I had more than a dozen days off a year. I even got rid of cable because I watched it once in the 7 months I had it. Most of the shows I watch are in the evening when I work so I just download them instead.

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Well...I have been getting SOME things done...although not as much as I would like. I got the corners knocked off the spars and shaped the Daggerboard...It came out really nice...which is very much a surprise! I am waiting on some 6 oz cloth that I ordered. I got it at a good price but shipping was more than I expected. I don't know if I like the fact that when you order...you don't get informed of the shipping. The total price is emailed to you after they calculate it. I got 20 yards of 60" 6oz cloth for 3.94 a yard but the shipping came to 28 bucks. I though it was a bit steep but what do I know? {edited to add...yes I know...the plane is as it shouldn't be...I fixed that as soon as I noticed it. Too much of a hurry to get done. I still have to get some sleep before work tonight}

Anyhoo... here are the pics of the recent progress.


width=487 height=650http://www.angelfire.com/ego/lewisboatworks/Stuff/Scowbuild/Fin.JPG[/img]

width=850 height=398http://www.angelfire.com/ego/lewisboatworks/Stuff/Scowbuild/Foil.JPG[/img]

And here are some supports I made to hold up a couple of covers on my boats. I bought a plastic one for $14 and made these 3 for $18. 12" x 3/4" edge glued pine rounds, 2x2"s and some $0.78 Frisbee dog toys. Bought 5 and broke 2 drilling them. Used 2" screws and fender washers to secure.

width=850 height=637http://www.angelfire.com/ego/lewisboatworks/Stuff/Scowbuild/Supports.JPG[/img]

Thompson with two of my homemade ones

width=850 height=637http://www.angelfire.com/ego/lewisboatworks/Stuff/Scowbuild/Thompson.JPG[/img]

'56 14' aluminum utility skiff on Shorelander trailer...got the pair for $200... Notice only one support is in use...the crappy and expensive plastic one won't stay up in even the littlest of breezes. I gotta make another one!

width=850 height=637http://www.angelfire.com/ego/lewisboatworks/Stuff/Scowbuild/Fishinboat.JPG[/img]

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Quick update...filled holes, scratches and gouges...sanded and glassed the bottom yesterday. I'll buzz down the edges and fill the weave today then flip it and start on the top. Still got to glue the deck down, make and install the combings, glass the deck, sand and paint the hull and glass the board. I also have to finish up the spars...I think they will be left raw until after the vacation...I only have 10 days to get things ready to splash it. I will probably only give it a couple of primer coats and a single coat of white then finish it after the vacation trips.

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Last touch up (weave filling) spots on the hull bottom done and one side of the Dagger board tacking up as I type. I'll know better by the weekend how much I will do to the deck before I leave. I may just glue it down and hit it with a coat of epoxy then a coat of primer and one of paint. Right now I am concentrating on the bottom so it will be waterworthy. I have to sand, prime and paint in the next 3 days...along with glassing the other side of the board and coating the spars. A couple of days in the sun shouldn't harm the epoxy too much and a good sanding when I get back will be needed anyways. I may just leave the deck with a couple of coats of epoxy as a sealer and forgo the paint...less to sand down later.

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B-side of board...but nekid


Loin cloth draped but not pinned

width=850 height=637http://www.angelfire.com/ego/lewisboatworks/Stuff/Scowbuild/ClothOn.JPG[/img]

Soggy drawers...

width=850 height=637http://www.angelfire.com/ego/lewisboatworks/Stuff/Scowbuild/WetCloth.JPG[/img]

All dry now!

width=850 height=637http://www.angelfire.com/ego/lewisboatworks/Stuff/Scowbuild/TrimmedBoard.JPG[/img]

Actually...that was the A side that was already done.

Boat bottom ready  to sand...

width=487 height=650http://www.angelfire.com/ego/lewisboatworks/Stuff/Scowbuild/BottomGlassed.JPG[/img]

New toy...actually fairly old being a 1999 but almost pristine.

width=850 height=637http://www.angelfire.com/ego/lewisboatworks/Stuff/Scowbuild/NewToy.JPG[/img]

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More frantic work today...yesterday I just didn't have any energy to do anything but the dishes.

Coated all the innards with epoxy...what hadn't been coated already that is. Did some more coating of the spars too and trimmed the excess cloth from the board. Here are the current crop of pics.

A view of the internal structure...pretty beefy IMHO


Close up of DB Case

width=850 height=637http://www.angelfire.com/ego/lewisboatworks/Stuff/Scowbuild/Case.JPG[/img]

Close up of Mast Step with drain hole

width=850 height=637http://www.angelfire.com/ego/lewisboatworks/Stuff/Scowbuild/Step.JPG[/img]

Mast Step and Partner structure:

width=850 height=637http://www.angelfire.com/ego/lewisboatworks/Stuff/Scowbuild/Step_Partner.JPG[/img]

Quick shot of spars curing:

width=487 height=650http://www.angelfire.com/ego/lewisboatworks/Stuff/Scowbuild/Spars.JPG[/img]

A side of the DaggerBoard:

width=850 height=637http://www.angelfire.com/ego/lewisboatworks/Stuff/Scowbuild/ASide.JPG[/img]

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And finally...the B side all done...well almost...I need to slap another coat of epoxy to fill some of the weave where it soaked in too much. A light sanding to take down some of the higher spots and it will serve until after Vacation. Man....I am sure looking forward to this. I work 350 days a year and this vacation is the reward for all that effort! Just think...in another 3 years I get another week of VA-CA. I won't know what to do with myself. When I went into the military I got 30 days of Leave the first year and every year after that. Stingy Corporate Bastages...10 years of 6 day weeks to get 3 weeks of VA-CA! Shame on them.


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Probably final update until I get back from VaCa. Got the second coat on the deck tops curing now and additional coat on the Daggerboard and Spars. I think this will have to do...no sanding...nothing else. I just don't have time. I have a Bazillion things to do in the next two days...and I still have to work until Thursday morning and leave Friday so I will have to call it good enough. I'll mount hardware probably Thursday along with get the trailer ready. If I have to I'll bring tools and finish up at the Messabout Friday evening or early Saturday morning so I can at least launch it and get one sail out of it.

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Ok...final final update...She's as ready as she'll ever be for tomorrow. Got the decks back on, hardware installed and here it is:

Driveway sailing.


Installed hardware.

width=850 height=637http://www.angelfire.com/ego/lewisboatworks/Stuff/Scowbuild/Hardware.JPG[/img]

Rudder setup

width=850 height=637http://www.angelfire.com/ego/lewisboatworks/Stuff/Scowbuild/Rudder.JPG[/img]

Bead loop.

width=850 height=637http://www.angelfire.com/ego/lewisboatworks/Stuff/Scowbuild/Beads.JPG[/img]

As soon as I got off work this morning I started...and finally quit at about 8 pm...23 hours up and working. Time for a shower, a TV show and bed. I'll get up at 0 dark 30 and finish packing and all the other stuff I need to do yet.

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WHOOOOHEEEEE!!!!!!...She FLIES! Not the best in whisper winds...though none of the other boats were either. BUT...got caught in a squall and the wind picked up to about 20-25 mph...man I was flying. Half a dozen different folks said I was planing right along and everyone was amazed at how fast it was. I didn't get too daring...I only buried the lee wing about 3 inches into the water...I wouldn't let it get any deeper. Just that little bit of rocker I put in it kept the nose up enough that only once in a while did water come over. Mainly when I wasn't paying close enough attention. Only a couple of things I am going to change...the location of the downhaul and I need a traveler with a multiple purchase...that sheet is just too taught to hold by hand. My daughter would never be able to hold it in properly when the sail starts really driving. Everything else worked a peach. Unfortunately I forgot my camera and wouldn't have had time to take any pictures anyways and I don't think anyone else got any...they were more interested in the weird little Tri that got pooped and had to get towed in by a Lund with it's nose (s) pointing skyward. This morning we went across the lake for breakfast and I beat everyone else there...including a few who got launched before me. Had a hell of a time getting back though...directly into the eye of the wind. The boat may not be too weatherly or it might be the sailor. I still have plenty to learn and the boat might not be tweaked as well as it might. Still...I call it a raging success...I didn't dump it...I got it to plane a bunch of times and I barely even got my shorts damp...my fault. Oh...and sunburnt knees.

Edited to add: Oops...forgot I want to change the tiller...too flimsy and I want to put on a hiking stick too.

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