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NC Outer Banks trip


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Thanks for sharing the great pics.  Looks like you had lots of fun.  Good winds?  Motor much?

Hey let's get together for a sail; maybe Jordan Lake if any wind.  Our CS20 "Dawn Patrol" has been in the water only 3 times since its 03/01/08 completion:   EC'08 (Alan&Paul),  CedarKey'08(Dawn&Paul), and JordanLake (Dawn&Paul).   Needs much more time on the water!



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  Thanks Wes.  Don't worry - before long you'll be a sailor again instead of a builder (and looking for the next project).  I'm following your build closely and I look forward to the launch pics.  Until then I hope to keep whetting your appetite by sharing more trip photos.  I have to do my part to help our southern-hemisphere folks through the winter too  ;D


  There is no possible way I could complain at all about the weather we had.  We won the lottery as far as conditions go.  Although it never blew hard the wind stayed up enough that we had NO bug issues.  We never really got up on plane but we were generally moving along nicely.  The tides were timed about perfectly too.  I need to remember that a SW wind and a 3 or 4 day old moon are ideal for that trip.  besides using the motor to get away from and back to the fairly tight dock we only used it to move from our accidental dry-out to the campsite - And that was laziness.  We could have tacked right on up there but it was dark and we were ready to set up camp.

  Count me in for a sail.  Unfortunately it looks like the best forecast for Jordan this weekend is Saturday and I have to do chores that day.  I've got a meeting in the afternoon on Sunday but if the wind surprises us feel free to call me in the morning (still got my number?)  Otherwise it looks like another weekend or an after-work sail.

  Be sure to bring the staysail - I want to see one up close before I try to tackle the job.

  Dawn looks like she's enjoying Dawn Patrol.

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  Thanks for the pics Mike.

  Now I'm trying to figure out how to get back out there since the weather is obviously always as good as my last trip  ;D

  I don't remember ever seeing a sand-dollar actually walking around.  But then I'm a lake sailor mostly.

  I'm enjoying the homemade jam completely.  I still owe you a couple of boat pictures, Don't I?  Every time I carry them to work to send to you I get mauled by customers or co-workers and don't remember to send the email until I'm driving home.

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