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Aluminum CS17 for sale - possibly!

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Hi everyone,

Given my financial situation and some unforseen medical expenses, I am actually considering selling the

Tin Bin.

A few of you know of my boat, a few of you don't.  I will attach a picture or two for the latter.

I'm not sure what I should be asking for it, I feel I know what it's worth to me, but doubt I could get that amount.  But if there are any interested parties, please feel free to call or email and we can bash out a number!

As for the boat, again for those that don't know about the Tin Bin, here's some info.

Hull and bulkheads are 3/8" 5051 Marine grade aluminum.  (Practically bombproof!)

Seats and deck are 1/4" 5051.

Complete and ready to sail. Amazingly nimble for her 750lb fighting weight.  She's a little rough and ready, and I can't say I wasn't completely done finishing her, but that's the nice thing about working in this material, it's waterproof, painted or not!  It's mainly the inside areas that need prettying up, otherwise shes perfectly usable as she is.

I've had a few memorable camping trip with her and talk bout solid and stable in a swell!  Also, she'll clip along at 7 knots on half throttle from a 4hp outboard.

Anyway, I can divuldge more to those interested.  FYI, she's in Juneau, Alaska and shipping to Seattle would be a piece of cake.  We get two big freight barges per week.

Thanks for your time.

Styge Smith - styge@gci.net - 907 364 4694 (well, not having much luck posting pics, so call me and I'll email you some!)

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Man, talk about over built!!!        That thing will have the half life of nuclear waste.  My 32' all aluminum planing power boat only has 3/16" hull plates and it will stop a .38 bullet!  The owner of the factory used to show visitors how tough the boats were by shooting a .38 into the a hull on the line and showing how it wouldn't penetrate (true story - its actually in some of the early Marinette brochures).


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