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First trip of the season

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    I planned to launch Friday evening from my old stomping ground in Warwick, RI, stay overnight in Coggeshall Cove, Prudence Island, then sail east into Mt Hope Bay and stay overnight Saturday in the mouth of the Cole River, which I see every day on my commute but have never sailed into.

    Even with a week of school vacation in which to work on the boat and get ready, we STILL didn






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More photos:

6. passing the narrow opening in the Cole River.  The spit that closes it has a town beach and boat ramp.  A sign warns mariners of the rocks.

7. Bed time.  Stephen is scooted half under the foredeck because his berth is shortened to make room for a footwell.

8. The little island is alive with birds.  We never went ashore to avoid disturbing nesting.

9. A swan came to investigate.  Later, three made a swooping flight around the boat--too fast for pictures.

10. The skipper.

11 & 12. Spar Island







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That looks SO cool. We had snow and 30 mph wind today, I have not even unwrapped the Micro Trawler yet. I had hoped that today would be the day, but not in this weather.

Thanks for the great report and photos. It give me hope that it will get warm some time!


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  I'm glad to hear you're back on the water Jeff.  I always enjoy reading your trip reports.  I really, really need to get my boat oufitted for sleeping soon.

  I was out sailing in barely any wind today but at least it was a civilized 88 degrees out ;D.  I fear the "winds" of summer may have arrived...

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