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A Glorious day in June

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We, Emily and I, my buddy Ken and his son Dylan, spent an afternoon in June on the big lake, Superior. We went out from the Duluth Superior harbour under the Aerial Lift Bridge. 


The kids, being teenagers, had to have something to eat. I think Dylan has a hollow leg sometimes with the amount he can eat, but the table works well. They are sitting on the bunks, and when not in use, the table stores on its side in the front of the wheel house, hooked to the shelves.


As we came back to the harbour, a thousand foot laker was heading out under the bridge.


I do not remember if we caught any fish on this trip, but we had a great time. The last photo is of my favorite Captain taking a turn at the helm.


Looking at these photos helps me remain sane. I am anxious for warmer weather so we can go out on Someday again.

Thank you for letting me share.


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Hey Stephen,

Thanks for sharing! Maybe this year I'll get on the big lake.

Meanwhile we're hangin' on. Not much goin' on with the Teal. Hope to have a sail made to replace the tyvek by the Pepin Messabout. Bill has heard from several folks and expecting a good crowd. Good to hear you're planning on it.

Ain't livestock wonderfull? Hauled a few 5 gallon ice cubes home from the horse corral! Just almost got to 0* this afternoon.

Here's one Steve Lewis took of me mugging last July on Spirit Lake, Iowa.



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