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considering Spindrift 10

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I have come across the forum while searching for a fast, but cartoppable sailing dinghy. I like the descriptions posted here of the Spindrift 10.

Why so many different hull lengths?

Can they actually get up and plane in a good breeze?

Is the source of plans from B and B Yacht Design?

How about finished sails? Who makes them?

I don't see much information about these boats around the San Francisco Bay Area.


Mark A.

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Graham designs so many hull lengths so people can choose- some use them for dinghies on big boats. Some of his designs are also nesting so they take up less space.

Yes, in a good breeze they can plane.

Yes- B and B Yacht designs. Graham and Carla Burns. GOOD folks to deal with. Good plans and excellent support.


The number is on the website and either Carla or Graham will answer the Phone

You can order sails through them also. I think he gets them made overseas, but I don't know for sure. I DO know they are well made sails. I've seen 6 of them now for various boats and they are quality.

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I built and still own a Spindrift 9N (nesting version).  It is exactly what I was looking for in a tender to my Renegade.

1. Like Charlie says, there is a demand for all 4 lengths, I'm glad Graham offered the 9, as even 1 foot less than the 10 you are considering mattered to me.

2.  Yes they can plane.  But depending on the weight of the crew aboard it may take a bit of breeze.  At 180 lbs. it takes a pretty fair breeze with me aboard.  It also sails very well in a light breeze.  Move your crew weight forward until the transom just clears the water and it is quite amazing how fast a few knots of wind will move her.

3.  Yes, you can just call Carla at the number shown on their site to order plans, sails, hardware, epoxy and probably complete kits very soon.  The plans come with complete specs to have your own sail made and to purchase all hardware from any source you choose.  You aren't going to do much better if any buying these somewhere else.  I suggest you save a lot of hassle and just order everything from Carla.

4.  I think B & B has their sails made in China.  Carla tries to keep some in stock, but you may want to order the sail with your plans if you are going to start building right away and want to sail shortly after.  I am very pleased with my sail.

We might seem a bit biased toward B & B designs here in the forum, but it is with good reason.

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