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Frank Hagan

New Gallery Software (June, 2007)

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Our old gallery at http://www.messing-about.com/photopost/ was tied to the old forum software's registration system.  It will remain in place as long as the software is stable, and current posters to that gallery can continue to use it.  But because new users will not be able to register and create albums, it is no longer the "long term" option here at messing-about.com.

Because of that, it is being depreciated in favor of Coppermine Gallery software that more completely integrates with the new forums.  This tutorial will explain how any registered member can create a photo album here to chronicle his boat building project.

About the New Gallery

The new Gallery has three main menus.  On the left hand side is the "site navigation menu" on top of the blue divider, and the "Gallery Main Menu" on the bottom:


Over at the right is the "User Menu".  Notice in the first picture that the "Log In" link is visible.  If you are logged into the Forums and go to the Gallery page, you should stay logged in.  However, sometimes it doesn't work ... we think security software that doesn't allow cookies to "persist" across different applications may be causing it. 


If you click the log in link, you get the log in page as shown here.


Once you have successfully logged in, you will see the full User Menu as shown here.


When you are logged in, you also get a row of Album Manager buttons centered and right below the Main Menu and User Menu sections. 


First, Create Your Album

Before you can upload pictures, you have to create an "Album" to put them in.  The first button in the Album Manager buttons is the "Create / order my albums" button., which we are now going to click to pull up the Album Manager.  It starts out empty, so we type the name of a new album in the dialog box at the bottom (below the larger rectangular empty box) and we see the characters echo'd into the larger box.  Then click "New":


And click "Apply modifications" to create your album.  Click "Continue" or "OK" buttons until you are back to the main screen. 

Upload Pictures

Now you can upload pictures into your album.  Obviously, if your future pictures can go into the same album as you just created, you can skip creating an album next time around.  But you can create more than one to help organize your on-line photo album. 

Let's start by clicking on the "Upload File" link on the User Menu after we are logged in:


This is a familiar screen; you can browse to an image somewhere on your computer.  There's even a spot at the bottom to do a "URI Upload" if you know the URL of a picture on your own webspace you want to add to your album here.  You could even transfer a picture from the old gallery to this one using the "URI Upload" feature.  After you have selected the files you want to upload using the "Browse" buttons, click "Continue".  With any luck, you will be rewarded with an encouraging "Upload Successful" message:


Next up, you will assign each uploaded photo to an album and input a picture title, a caption with a little bit more text, and "keywords" to identify the type of photo.  You will repeat this process for each file you uploaded:


After this process, you will see your Gallery under your Forums user name from the main page (you may have to click the "User Galleries" link first). 

If you failed to complete a step, the software may complain.  Don't panic, just hit the "Back" button on your browser and correct the mistake:


Feel free to ask any questions about our new Gallery software here in the forum, so others can reference it and the answer in the future.

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Hey Frank,

I am having trouble uploading photos into my newly created gallery. After successfully uploading I try to place my picture in my gallery and when I hit "Continue" it gives me a message saying that my image "cannot be placed".

I selected the gallery and gave it a title. I tried giving it a description and keywords too but nothing I did seemed to let me add it to the album.




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Hi Alan,

Sorry I didn't see this until today.  I don't see a gallery created for you, which is odd.  I know you've read the little tutorial here. 

Email me your password, and I'll take a look ... do not post your password in the forum, but email it to frank @ frankhagan.com (without the spaces of course).  I'll log on as you on the site, and as me on the server, and see if I can figure it out.  Then you can change your password to something else (or, I can create a new password on my own, and you can change it back to what you have now after I'm done.)

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Just an update for everyone ... with the move to the new server, one of the paths changed to the software that creates the thumbnails of the photos you upload.  Its fixed now and you should be able to upload photos again. 

Thanks for the head's up, Alan!

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