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A couple of questions for you clever folks

Tim Diebert

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Hi All. Nice to see you again. :shock:

I hope you have all been really nice and played together well.

I sold Annie M. to a very nice lady in CA. I am quite happy about this as I need Annie to have the right home.

I thought I had found the right home last summer and in theory had sold her to a chap from Vancouver.....but it did not quite work out as projected. Another story for another day.

On behalf of Annies new skipper I would like to ask a question or two.

She is driving from somewhere in deepest darkest CA to the wilds of southern British Columbia to pickup Annie and tow her home. She has the choice of a new-ish Honda Civic in perfect condition or an older Ford 1/2 ton.

The issue is fuel costs (significant as you might expect) vs. the right thing to do.

I have always towed Annie with either Sherman, my giant 1977 460 ci powered gas vaporizer or a V6 Van. Both never noticed anything behind. I read in these pages of folks using all manner of four banger import sized units to haul. Stump and his old Samari for example....I had a Sidekick for a couple of years(all jacked and tired up) and know that would have done the tow thing easy.

What is the concidered opinion of using a solid Civic with good brakes, rad and power to haul a load like this a considerable distance?

Also, IIRC a stock WE is around or just under 500lbs ....right?

I am not sure if new owner frequents the forum or not. I will ask her some time. I am sure she will be eventually if she is not already in lurk mode.

I am just in the middle of Spring mods, maint and repairs to our 83 M17.

I have achieved one of my personal lifetime goals. Life is good. Annie was an amazing magic carpet to adventure. Puff is the next chapter and may be all that is required for the rest of my days. Fantastic boat.

Planning at least 2 week long cruises, one on Shuswap Lake. I may do a georgia Straight crossing the the southern gulf Islands and around to Victoria this summer as well.

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the weight to tow, if allowed by the manufacturer, is not a great issue.

However, is her car an automatic? Many automatics have a transmission cooling problem if there are hills etc and they are not equipped with a transmission cooler. Not perhaps as much of a problem in cooler months but in the hear of the summer it can be.


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Hiya! Mr. Tim! :D

You are AMAZING!!!!!

You are so very cool! 8)

Imagine someone going to this much trouble on behalf of someone they already sold a boat to!

I, for one, am only beginning to appreciate the sort of people who are "boat people". :angel: I am shaking my head in awe and joy! Is it the water that makes you all so amiable? Do you all just have "Happy Flakes" for breakfast?

Lucky me...o' blessed me...oh happy me! :P

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Ok.....so the cat lady hangs out here. Why didn't you tell me? I could have called you a nasty name or something.....and then been caught.

Good thing I was well trained in Franks Rule.

This over the top happy cat lady is the very human that was nutty enough to buy Annie M.

I might as well answer a question I forgot to answer via email. Annie M. is my Grandmother Annie McNiven who died about 4 years ago. Just a coupla months before her 102nd birthday. She was my best buddy for all my life and 50 years of her life. She was a simple, brilliant and resourceful lady whom everybody loved. She raised three kids by herself (her pre-arranged husband was a drunk and she booted him out) right through the worst times on the Canadian Prairies. She was 25 years old before she used or even saw a flush toilet and indoor plumbing.

I named the boat years before she died and she had a picture of it. She was tickled pink. Annie was sharp as a rigging knife up until about 2 weeks before she slipped into the new adventure. I miss her and her son. My Dad.

Cheers, TT

BTW, my email is down again....use the tim703@telus.net until I say otherwise. Thanks.

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Annie she is and Annie M she will stay!

She sounds like she was an incredible woman, and you were very blessed to have her. Thank you so much for sharing her with me.

:oops: P.S. thanx for not adding "crazy" before my imposed moniker. :lol:

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Yep, a lot of nice and helpful folks. Where abouts in SoCal (roughly)? I'm down in San Diego this week, and will be down this way more often as we're moving stuff yet again. I'm looking for more local sailing partners now that I'll have a boat again (two, actually, as a friend wants a SuperSkipjack too, so I'm going to do two at once.)

It'd be nice to build up a California group of boats, or at least try and actually join in with the intriguingly active Southwest group...


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Where abouts in SoCal (roughly)? I'm down in San Diego this week, and will be down this way more often as we're moving stuff yet again. I'm looking for more local sailing partners now that I'll have a boat again (two, actually, as a friend wants a SuperSkipjack too, so I'm going to do two at once.)

Dear Mr. Stevenson,

Roughly..about an hour and a half north and east of SD. Of course I will not be picking up Annie M till August :? (and don't know if I would be ready for anything as ambitious as Mission Bay this soon anyhow) I want to get my sea legs working again, so for the first few months I plan to stick to nice calm lakes, perhaps a gentle low traffic bay like Newport Harbor on a Monday morning. I would love to see these wonderful boats in person though. If you would be so kind as to let me know approximately when and where I will try hard to get out of a delivery and come down, before I go up to get Annie.

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It sounds like you're not too far away from good areas to explore. Mission Bay is nice and mellow, and perhaps more relaxed than Newport to learn in. Newport is prettier though. Don't change your plans for us yet; I still have to finish the second and third Super Skipjacks before there's anything to look at/play with. Sorry I implied we were further along in the process than we are...I wish I DID have one of the little SSkips to play with! The weather was ideal in San Diego Bay yesterday...


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