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trolling motors query

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I again come with cap in hand seeking info.

I wish to fit an electric trolling motor to my Weekender.

A salt water Minn Kota seems to be the go.

Searching back through the archives it seems that about 25 to 30 lbs thrust

would do for docking mainly - so far so good !

The ads seem to mention 36 inch as being the smallest length/depth.

measuring my boat about 27 in would do.

Can the length/depth be altered or do I just run a very deep prop ???




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I have a 36 inch which has been too long for my small dingy rowboat/sailboat (Lil' Marauder) which has worked fine for a few years. However I had it out awhile back doing some trolling and fishing and after a few hours felt it was making my shoulder sore. So after getting back to my home with it I pulled it apart at the top and removed the switch handler and all in the head and then just cut off like 9 inches of the tube-shaft. The only issue was the tube-shaft is of like a fiberglas to it creates the fibers that you don't want getting into your hands so wear gloves. I also had to cut the wires coming up the tube to the switch head off a bit and re-terminal them as was to much to fit into the head if I didn't. All-in-all seams to be much better fit now. :lol:

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Well thanks for your interest people - very helpful.

I bit the bullet and invested in a minn kota today

so have to wire up and hopefully astound the wharf watchers with our relaxed and skillfull departures and arrivals at the docks.


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