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Is Stevenson Projects still going?


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Hello everyone. First time in this FORUM. I have been looking forward to building my own boat. Finally decided on a Pocket Cruiser, it looks like it'll be ideal for my needs and it looks terrific!.Ordered/payed for the plans last week, online. Have since tried to contact Stevenson Projects by email. Tried again today. Still got NO REPLY. I'm starting to get a little worried. Does anyone know if they have gone out of business, or are maybe on holidays? Or am I just in too much of a hurry to get started?

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I wouldn't be too concerned at this point. The Stevensons do this as a part time business and often are a little slower than they use to be, but we still hear from Mike every now and then. I do recall that Mike said that Peter was working on a new boat design. This was last year sometime. They might be travelling more lately too.

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gregory Good choice in boats. Stevenson's are still in business just a little slow. They ship most of there plans by pony express and it takes a pony a long time to swim that far. While you wait you might start gathering up stuff. have a couple of saw horses, a good skil saw with a new blade, table saw if possible, jig saw is handy, good power screwdriver, drill motor, bits and counter sinker att. Build yourself a stand to build boat on 4'x8' will do nicely put casters on it if yo have a place you can roll it around I used 6 casters. O'yea be sure to get a good confortable moaning chair, you will us it quite often. Hardware to get started, this is going to sound like a lot but it will take this much and more.

600- 1" #8 plated flathead woodscrews;

300- 1-1/4 #8

300-1-1/2 #8 " " "

24- 2" #8

Lumber (avabable in uour area for keel)

2-15' 1" X 12" ; 1- 6' 1"X8"

Lumber for bottom ,sidees ect.

6-4 'x 8' panels ply 1/2"

4-4' x8' panels ply3/8

4- 4' x 8' panels 1/4

when you have all this post for more material. The plans should be there then. Good Luck, enjoy, now make saw dust. Bud. :)

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I am currently building a Pocket Cruiser. As several other people have said, be patient, the plans are on the way. Mr Stevenson is one of the good guys and will help you figure out the plans. The plans aren't as through as some I have seen, but with all the help you can get on this forum, you will have no problem. If you like, I can send you some progress pictures of my boat. I will need your regular e-mail address. It really helps to make a good boat building stand. Make it square and level. Good luck :D

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Thanks very much for your encouraging replies. I'll just have to try being patient. First saw a Pocket Cruiser at the Sydney Wooden Boar Show about 4 years ago, kept thinking about it ever since! Thanks for the shopping list Bud, going shopping on Saturday.

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Sorry we're so slow lately, but I have actually been working on the Weekender DVDs and the new Super Skipjack plans. I am, in fact, working on it this very morning! The DVD's are finished, editing-wise, and now I'm just learning how to use DVDStudio to set up the menus and such. My target is to have both discs finished by the end of next week. I've shot transitional material, added new chapters, etc. So we're getting close.

There's a very strong possibility we may have to move Stevenson Projects again in July or so. I will wait to do the next move until after I've fiished the Super Skipjack plans and DVD. The Weekender DVD will be ready to roll out before the end of March, probably mid-month.

The SuperSkip plans are cleaned up and the copy is finished. HOWEVER: I won't assemble the whole set of plans and commit to the dimensions until I build a test boat. As soon as I finish the Weekender DVD (mid-March), I'll drive out to Texas and build one out there with Peter. This way we'll have a test of the dimensions, I can film the next DVD, and I will end up with a Super Skipjack to sail also! But it means another 5000 miles of driving...I need to go out there anyway, I guess.

So: We haven't fallen all the way off the planet yet, but we are pretty busy...


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