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the renovation of Hirilond


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I purchased Pearson Renegade #51; formerly Aliance, last fall in Niantic CT. I sailed her to my place of employment; Dodson Boatyard in Stonington, CT and immediately pulled her out to do a little work. I set a completion/launching date of July 15. I figured this was reasonable though demanding but would also give me a bit of a sailing season.


I totally removed all exterior woodwork; cockpit combing, handrails, toe rails, taff rail, dorade boxes. I saved the pieces and used them as patterns and made new pieces in teak instead of the mahogany the boat was originally trimmed with. I made a new companionway slider and forward hatch out of teak to replace the fiberglass ones. After dry fitting all these pieces I took them home and prevarnished them.

I removed all the ports, fixed and operable. I made new fixed ports and cleaned and reglazed the operable to be installed again later.

As the boat was outside under a covering I next went on to do the interior. My boss was going to let me have shed space and eventually the paint bay to use in the spring as our customer's boats were commisioned for the season. In early May I moved into a shed and went on to work the exterior again.

I chipped, chemical stripped, ground and sanded the entire hull including the bottom, topsides, deck and coach house down to a remnant of the original gelcoat. This was the nastiest, dirtiest most tedious work I have ever done.

I glassed in several holes including former gauge locations. I wanted a fresh slate. I filled all the dings gouges, major crazing etc. I used Interlux Premium Filler for all surfaces above the water line and Awlgrip Awlfare below it. I fared and sanded until I couldn't take it any more or the area was totally fare and smooth.

I epoxied and barrier coated the bottom. I used Epiglass 1 : 1 epoxy (a quite thin material) to seal the crazing and bare glass areas on the bottom. It penetrates very well into crevices. I then used Interlux Interprotect (an epoxy barrier coat). This has a "hot" recoat window of 14 days and a "hot" bottom paint window of 9 hours meaning I would not have to sand the bottom again.

Intermittently with the coats of Interprotect on the bottom (to get smooth fare overlaps near the waterline) I primed the rest of the hull including deck, cockpit and coach house. A salesman from Alexaseal was trying to get us to try their product in hopes of getting our business from Awlgrip. He gave us several gallons each of their epoxy primers and 2 part linear polymer topcoat. My boss let Hirilond






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