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So, what happened this summer?

Konrad in Lincoln

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Well I only stop in here about twice a year anymore, but thought I'd stick my head in the door and say "hi". Good to see the bulletin board is alive and well.

Lots of sawdust this summer, I hope.

And perhaps a few launchings?

I must confess that with two boys under the age of 4, I never even got my Vacationer out of the storage unit. :cry:

Oh well, they'll keep taking my rent money.

Let's hear a report, huh?

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I was thinking that seeing as I get a second week of vacation this year I might be able to host the Iowa messabout again, after a hiatus of like 4 years. I was wondering if you might be able to attend provided it fits into your schedule. I had the last one up at Spirit Lake. I am trying to get to coincide with the wooden boat regatta/show that they have every year.


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