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Anybody on here in the Beaumont Texas area?

Charlie Jones

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Oh and Mike- Tell Peter that going to Beaumont is a LONG way out of the way from Kerrville. And the facilities around there aren't really conducive to boat testing.

Far better he should go to the Corpus area or even here at Port Lavaca. We live pretty much ON Lavaca/Matagorda bays. There's a launch ramp ( free) right on the beach and no-facility camping is also free with no time limits. well- there ARE toilet facilities. There ARE some motels nearby ( in Port Lavaca) and a few weekly rental places here. Would be much closer to Kerrville. PLus much better waters for boat testing.

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Hi Charlie,

I'm near Galveston, does that do you any good? I agree about Kerrville, great place for anything execpt sailing. I have retirement property there and don't know what will become of Sultana when I move there in a few years. Lemme know if I can help!!

Bob Taylor

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Thanks Bob, but not really.

My mom is in Beaumont and had a fuse go out in her car that runs the dash lights. She's 86 and is gonna have to go pay someone to replace it. Would cost me $75 to drive over and back..

I was hoping to find someone right THERE that I could prevail upon to go stick a new fuse in for her.

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