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Hi All


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Thanks for the thoughts on the CS17 Ray. I'm definitely taking a second look at the boat. Kind of torn because I have the plans for the WE already and I was almost to the point of buying wood for the keel. Oh well, I'll go away this weekend and see if I can find the answer at the bottom of several beers.

Also...I just notice that your a fellow Mainer..and also a Ray. Eerie.

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My thoughts exactly! Imagine choosing a car to buy without ever even having been in a car of any sort. Ray, you need to GO SAILING, if only to decide what your priorities are: speed, comfort, social life, camping or whatever!

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A great thread. I am glad there are so many knowledgeable and friendly people to help guide the newcomers to boat building and sailing in general. This is EXACTLY what we'd hoped the bulletin boards would grow into over the years, and they have!

OK, enough gushing. I agree with the general concensus: the Weekender's great for two or three adults, but four people are going to be cramped. The Weekender sails ok with four people, but it's not as nimble-feeling and sprightly. Keep in mind how often you will really be taking four people out. If it's just a couple of times, and most of the time you'll be either one or two people, then stick with the Weekender.

Try stuff out though, if you can, to get a better feel for what you like.


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Ahoy Ray,

You may want to take a look at the cockpit in John Teetsel's fine Weekender. As I recall, John added 18" to the width of the stern, faired in the curve, and further modified the cockpit seats. The result was a much larger cockpit, one that can easily seat 4 people.


The boat sails quite well.

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